Burma Population Density

Myanmar Population Density

The" Population Density" data set for Burma contains data from the year to. The population density in India was lowest in Burma. The population of a country as large as Burma is unequally distributed. The population density varies in southeast Myanmar. Citieship, Myanmar with population statistics, maps, map and location.

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OverviewOverview The dataset "Population Density" for Burma contains year to . The section shows the historic information as a line graph. You can see the figures in a spreadsheet on the right. Beneath the diagram you see the figures in a spreadsheet. Myanmar is number zero in the game.

You can select a max. of 4 different country! Our base contains 15,750 records for Burma. This is a choice of other dates for Burma.

Burma. Limelight. - The NCBI - NCBI

The demographical, economical and politic situation in Burma is briefly described. The Burmese army toppled Burma's democracy in 1962, founded a welfare state and pursued an isolist policy. A 1983 survey shows that, as forecast for 1985, the population is 37 million and the population density is 51 people per m2.

Two-thirds of the population live in the main plateaus and the Irrawaddy River area. Population is growing at an average of 2.2% a year (1983), and 24% of the population is city-based. There are 37 births, 15 deaths and 94 deaths. GDP is US$ 180 (1983).

68 % of the population are from Burma, the rest consists of a large number of minority groups. Two million Karen and Shan members of the population and members of the banned Burma Communist party are offering gunfire opposition to the state. As a result of population increase, the number of areas/persons farmed fell from 1.39 acre to 0.77 acre between 1940-78.

In recent years, the economy of the state has shown little sign of economic development. Though Mandaly and Rangoon grow slowly, they are still encircled by slum areas. At the same time, the German authorities are pleased with the present population increase and do not supply the population with anything for families.

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