Burma Political Map

Myanmar political map

This map shows the government boundaries of countries, regions, states, divisions and provincial capitals in Burma. A political map of Burma will be made available. This political map shows Burma's neighboring countries and cities. A detailed, clear, large political map of Myanmar with names of the capital, cities, states, provinces and borders to neighbouring countries. The implementation of the Burma Campaign Fellowship Group.

Political map of Myanmar

Burma facts and information about Myanmar..... Myanmar, often called Burma, is the biggest province (by geographic area) in Southeast Asia. China is located in the north-east of Myanmar and Laos in the south. This is the world' s biggest nation, the biggest in the world, covering 678,500 sqkm.

It' also the biggest continent of Southeast Asia. Burma is one of the impoverished nations of Southeast Asia, as it suffers from maladministration, poverty and exclusion. Because of the country's sluggish pace of prosperity, this has resulted in the preservation of its natural and ecosystem resources.

Approximately half of the land is occupied by woods consisting of mangroves, iron wood, locust, rubber, Michelia Crampaca and so on. Myanmar was regarded as a prosperous south-east Asian state when it was under British rule. Myanmar is not only the main Myanmar dialect, it is also the native Bamar dialect.

The majority of Myanmar's population is Buddhist, but there are also Christians and Muslims in the area. The main civilizations of Myanmar, however, are Buddhists and Bamar. About fifty-six million inhabitants live in the state.

Maps, Burma, Administrative and Political Departments results

Burma. Displays first and second order administration units as well as federal, state and municipal capital cities. Contains a listing of the administration departments. Myanmar administration units. Displays the breakdown of administration by region.

of Myanmar. Embossed by point height. Displays the breakdown of administration by region. Showing Burma's states and splits. Burma.

Embossed by point height. It' on the 1998 map of Myanmar. Contains color and range diagram of Myanmar states and division. Map of the Union of Myanmar. Embossed by point height. Shows also the breakdown of the administration by region. Map of the Union of Myanmar. Embossed by point height.

Displays the breakdown of administration by area. Showing states and splits in Burma. Burma. Burma. Embossing by shadowing.

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