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There are not many attractions in Pathein and this is more of a place to interrupt your trip before going to other areas of Myanmar. The state of Kachin in northern Myanmar is the birthplace of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Sights & Landmarks, Sights & Landmarks. The Pindaya Caves with thousands of old Buddha-Stuppas are the biggest tourist attraction of Pindaya. Compare customer reviews, read screenshots and learn more about Burma Offline Map + City Guide Navigator, attractions and transports.

See what Inle Lake has to offer: our top 12 activities on Inle Lake, Myanmar!

Iconical Myanmar is an island of Myanmar and the area was at the top of our wish lists! Surrounded by reeds, the sea is breathtaking, but Inle is so much more than just the one. Indein and Kakku's wonderful stupa, the amazing sundowns that adorn the area, and the encounter with the locals, Inle Lake is a jewel of Myanmar that everyone should have.

Here is a listing of our most popular attractions to see when you are in Inle: we are hoping this will help you plan your Inle Sea and Myanmar itinerary! Tourist are flocking to Inle to see the beautiful Inle Lake for a reason: it is one of the most beautiful seas in the whole wide open and the stilted buildings and buddhistic churches that rise from the sea make it even more attractive.

From the swampy reed the sea rises with small towns on stilt beams, and the tranquil water looks like crystal that reflects the naturalness. Visiting the Inle See around the pond itself was an memorable event for us. It is recommended to stay at one of the lakefront resort, all of which have immediate lakeside accessibility from the hotel.

One of the best ways to explore the Inle Sea is on one of the slim wooden-tailed yachts used by the people. These slim vessels are fitted with high-performance outboards and fly over the sea at high speeds, creating an unmistakable mist.

The flight over Inle was one of the high points of our Myanmar-adventures. To experience the stillness and void of the lakes as morning dusk is an honour, as is the observation of the locals' lives while soaring. When the outboarder cannot be used, they are standing with one base firmly fixed in the slim boot, the other one wound around the long canoe, which professionally dives into the sea and propels the boot forward.

Most of the cruises start from Nyaungshwe, the nearest city on the shores of the lakeside and its primary entrance. If you stay in a lakefront motel, you probably have entrance to the site via a footbridge. So we remained at the Inle Princess Resort and could reach a small boating doorframe!

Even though most of the fish caught on the shores of the pond is now caught using a net, some of the more peaceful parts of the pond are still home to some of the local tradition. With the same rudder techniques as the skippers, they skillfully counterbalance in the boats while immersing their conventional fishermen' boats in the sands.

Rumor has it that local fisherman only show up for the tourist and in exchange for their game. Several hundred reddish, whitish and browns stupa in various decay conditions are standing on a mound in Indein, a Myanmar town at the end of a small stream right on Inle Lake.

It was during our early dawn stay that I had one of my notorious encounters with Myanmar's straying hounds, click here to learn more! With unbelievable sets of suns being a Bagan paper clip, Inle Lake can certainly stand its ground on the front of the sundown! Myanmar's wonderful colors of Myanmar sundown are reflected in the jar like a sea and provide a great backdrop.

Kakku is a group of 2,478 Stupa ordered 2,000 years ago and a cultural and worship center for the Pa'O nation, a Myanmar based buddhistic group. We made a stopover on the way to pick up our travel passes and our Pa'O guides at the Taunggyi Tourist Information Center on the way from Kakku to Lake Inle.

We discussed the 5-hour round drive from the Inle lake before we booked it through our hotels. We have had our breakfasts on the lakeside, sundowner on the lakeside, picking up the boats from our own pier.... our choice to spend the night in a lakefront resort was very well!

The Inle Princess has been a favourite from the very beginning: with its magnificent single suite and breathtaking view over the lakeside from the dining area, we strongly suggest this property when you travel to Inle lake. Have a look at our rating of the property here!

To be taken by barge! Kayan tribe comes from the north of Myanmar, where they are wearing large brasscollar-collars. It is possible to see some of these ladies weave in the many craft stores in the Inle Lake towns. During the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festivals, Myanmar's biggest event, we were fortunate to be at Lake Inle.

One of the marathon pagodas that take place during the event in one of the towns by the water. The Phaung Daw Oo Pagode is not only the centre of the yearly pagodas feast, but also the most worshipped convent in Inle Lakes. The five days long market of Inle lake, so named because they revolve around the towns on the shores of the sea, are scenic and the ideal place to shop for souvenirs.

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