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Sights of Burma

Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country that hides cultural beauties of exceptional quality. Manadalay's main attractions are Manadalay Hill, Mandalay Palace and a series of pagodas. Although useful to a certain extent, much has changed recently. On the way we stopped to visit many sights and several rural communities. In fact, it is one of the few places in the world that has so far been spared the destructive tendencies of man.

Fun and extraordinary activities in Mandalay

Situated on the oldest wooden bridges in the worid are the ruins of a king's castle. It is a gold sanctuary encircled by centuries of slabs of stone that make up the "largest ledger in the world". This is a great example of Burma's nineteenth c. d. and the most important of Mandalay's historical monuments. Huge incomplete stupas and the second biggest bells in the whole wide globe.

It is claimed to be the only podium in the whole wide globe made entirely of Myanmar's profitable gem. It is a large capitol that has fallen into a splendid ruins.

Activities in Kawthaung, Burma Myanmar

Aye Pyi Daw is at the top of the Kawthaung pit-lane. One can see the gold chedimus towering on a hill just south of the city. It' not Burma's most impressive sanctuary, but a walk is worthwhile, although the views over the city, the Kraburi River and the Thai hills in the far is the undoubted highpoint.

More about the Pyi Daw Aye pit. Directly in front of Kawthaung's promenade there is a small, tree-lined rock ledge with a small pit on the summit. It' s named Ober Mey Paw Kyan, if we got it right, and for a great view back over the city you can take a quick cruise here. That is the top pit and a coarse trace downwards.....

More about Mey Paw Kyan. Kawthaung's most popular tourist destination is the Maliwan Waterfall, a lovely place to be visited outside the arid time. His name is Thai - Maliwan means Jasmin - and he is located about 40 kilometers northern of the city on a good roads. It' a few miles off the highroad.

More about Maliwan Waterfall. The Palautonetone is a low-lying islet a few kilometers northerly of Kawthaung. It is also home to a vibrant fishermen's town. Each of the islands, the town and the beaches bears the name.... Learn more about Palautonetone. Kawthaung has great opportunities for visiting islands and boating with the Mergui Archipelago's south foothills off the coast.

Liveaboard and snorkeling tours from Thailand are certainly the best way to see one of these isles. More about boat rides. In spite of rumors to the contrary, the street between Kawthaung and Myeik is not so poor. Apart from the current building work, the street is asphalted and hillier than uphill.

It is a long way: about 440km. More about Kawthaung to Myeik. and settle in New Bagan. Please have a look at past editions.

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