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You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the red tiled roofs, minarets and the river Bistrica that flows through the city. It is definitely one of the best tourist attractions in Kosovo. Myanmar cuisine at Burma Burma Restaurant and Tea Room. You will spend five days enjoying the colonial sights and vibrant atmosphere of Yangon, Myanmar's spiritual capital. It was originally built to house two Burmese jade statues.

12/first class tourist attractions in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a micro cosmos of what makes Thailand so intriguing. The Kanchanaburi was once the site of Neo-Lithic civilisations, as testified by artefacts of old communities and tombs mined there. The town became infamous in the mid-20th centuries as the home of the bridge over the Kwai River, the disputed construction to house POWs supporting the Thai-Burmese railroad during the Second World war.

There are several nearby nature reserves, with breathtaking falls, spectacular caves and a variety of game, among them gibboons, apes and avifauna. Kanchanaburi is only two to three hours by car from the main sights of Bangkok and is easy to reach by coach or rail. Schedule your journey with this great Kanchanaburi itinerary: the best places to visit:

Because of the film of the same name entitled "Bridge on the Kwai River", the Death Rails is Kanchanaburi's best-known historic symbol. It was part of the Thai-Burmese "death railway", thus the name of the many men who lost their lives during its work. Japan's armed services supervised the operation as the railroad would have assisted their units that fought the British in neighbouring Burma in obtaining provisions.

Today, you can cross this viaduct on foot or by rail, the parts of which originate from the building. On display at the Thailand-Burma RRC are well-curated works that give an outstanding insight into the railroad's past and the violent circumstances under which the prisoners of war and slave laborers who constructed it suffer. Once you have taken in all the items in the collection, take a brief tour of the well-preserved Kanchanaburi war cemetery across the road.

Known as the Don Rak War Cemetery, this is the last burial place of almost 7,000 English, Dutch and Australian detainees who were killed during the building of the death orbit. More soberingly, these tombs are only a small proportion of the detainees who were killed in the unimaginable hardship of railroading.

Hellfire Pass is a 500 metre long boulder excavated (by hand) by 1,000 POWs to prepare the way for the death orbit. Today it is possible to go on the old railroad line into the jungles (which lasts about four to five hours) and go to a commemorative monument in honour of the deceased.

Founded by the GOA in honour of the prisoners of war, the Mexican Army Memorial to the Allies commemorates the touching tales of these men through artefacts, implements, photos and multi-media screens. Junglly Erawan National Park provides a reassuring contrast to some of Kanchanaburi's emotive historic landmarks, and the scenic seven-stage Era Falls are the main show.

Look out for other game in the reserve, which includes elephant, gibbon and cobra. Instead of horseback rides on elephant or watch them do their shows, you are spending the days in the care of the animal - they are fed for them and bathed in the water. The Chonk-Kai Cemetery, now a tranquil area on the bank of the Kwai Noi riverbank, is home to the tombs of more than 1,700 prisoners of war (1,400 Commonwealth and 300 Flemish victims) and was also the site of a former prisoner of war fortress.

In the years of their detention, the land on which these detainees are entombed is the same place where they established a temple and a graveyard. As the Kanchanaburi war graveyard, it is wonderfully laid out. Situated about two kilometres southwards of the centre, it is easily accessible by bicycle from the area.

Srinagarind Dam along the Khwae Yai River is the heart of the tranquil Khuean Srinagarindra National Parks, set in lush greenery. There are fewer people here than in Erawan National Parks near by. Inside its boundaries there are imposing stalagmite and stalactite caves, and the reserve is home to a variety of wild animals such as civet cats, bat, leopard and lorid.

A small garden near the lookout point above the embankment is a nice place for a picknick. The disillusioning exhibition was conceived as an accurate reproduction of an as-is POW-camp. Situated on the Wat Chai Chumphon site, the monument is entertained by a friar and gives travellers an insight into the hard reality of living in these encampments.

It contains berths, photos and other genuine objects, and the exhibitions contain reports of real detainees, their families and writers who questioned detainees. Its name derives from the participating countries: Lovers of historical facts will love to browse through some of the various artefacts and artefacts in this quaint Kriegsmuseum.

Besides the relic and memento collections from the Second World War, the exhibition also provides a deeper insight into Thailand's past. You will find exhibitions on antique slaughter between Thailand and Burma, Thailand politics, old japanes cars, hats, uniforms, photos and apparently irreconcilable old Khmer art carvings. It also has a great view of the bridge over the Kwai River.

It is well worth passing this historic garden with its antique remains, a former Khmer fortification. You can visit artefacts and relicts found on the site in the area. Take a 4,000-year trip back to the New Stone Age and admire artefacts from Thai (and human) past in this fascinating Kwai Noi River bank exhibition.

The Ban Kao National Museum was established on the site of a Neolithic funeral centre found by an Allied POW and shows the remnants of several bones, fragments of skeleton, shell jewellery, pans, axes and other objects dug up in the area. Sai Yok Yai Waterfalls are located in Sai Yok Yai National Park, but are three kilometres from the roads, so you can prepare for a walk or motorcycle ride.

They can take a bath in the water or glide along the high cliffs. When you are new to Kanchanaburi and want to see the top sights, the most scenic, tranquil and beloved place to spend the night along the Kwai riverbank, near the renowned bridge over the Kwai rivers.

Kanchanaburi is a good starting point if you are looking for a more centrally located town, just a few minutes' walk from many of the many local eateries and stores. The Kanchanaburi has few luxurious alternatives, and they are located in a quiet area by the river, very close to the major tourist sites. Dheva Mantra Resort is a colonial-style resort with a spas, large rooms, an extensive swimmingpool, and beautiful landscaped grounds about eight kilometres from the bridge over the Kwai River.

Further from the viaduct, the X2 Rivers Kwai Resort is located on a curve in the riverbank and has an ultra-modern industry look. Situated in a great setting, just a few minutes walk from the Kwai riverbank viaduct, Felix River Kwai has roomy, tidy rooms in red-roofed houses set among palm-fringed backyards.

For those who would rather live in the city, near stores and restuarants, U Inchantree Kanchanaburi is a contemporary fashionably furnished business establishment on the bank of the Kwai River, with cosy rooms and welcoming people. In the city, the Residence is still within walk of the river and is known for its large, contemporary rooms with comfortable single bed and TV.

Xanadu 2008 features inexpensive, air-conditioned cabins and a well-kept garden indoor and outdoor pools on the bank of the Kwai River. A further favourite is the Good Times Resort with air-conditioned rooms, a private beach volleyball court, a private beach volleyball court, a private beach, a private beach, a beach, a swimmingpool and a nice team. 20 minutes walking distance from the Kwai River Brig. Situated between the town of Kanchanaburi and the Thai Garden Inn bridges, the Thai Garden Inn hosts its visitors in air-conditioned cribs.

All of Bangkok's touristic sights, as well as the splendid Grand Palace, are less than two to three hour's car ride from Kanchanaburi. When you are looking for a Strandfix, read our articles about the beloved sights of Pattaya, just a quick jump from Kanchanaburi, and things to see and do on Phuket Island, further down on.

Northeastern of Phuket, Surat Thani is the gate to the famed beaches of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. The Khao Yai National Park: Dive into the pristine beauties of Thailand in the Khao Yai National Park, about 300 kilometres eastern of Kanchanaburi.

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