Burma places to Visit

Visiting Burma Places

We take you to the best places for local food and less touristy markets. I often visit places with the "wow factor". However, as of today, you don't expect many opportunities to explore unusual places. The third day you take a flight to Bagan, where you visit the bustling Nyaung Oo Market. It is now time to visit this extraordinary country.


Burma is a beautiful land that you can discover far and far - if you have enough spare times. Unfortunately, not everyone is so fortunate, so we have compiled a listing of our ten most popular sights in Myanmar: Bagan, the intriguing town and the whole archaeological zone of Bagan is probably the most popular tourist destination in Myanmar, thanks to the 10 square kilometers of the temples vale (there were more than 13,000!).

It was established in 874 AD when Pynbya chose to move the capitol to Pagan (Bagan's old name). The town was captured and looted by the Mongols in 1287. Might as well go and see her. "Picture all the mediaeval citadels in Europe as big as Manhattan: you will be able to see the ambitions of the Bagan monarch.

Next to the Temples Vale, you should go to Mount Popa, a 1518 metre high vulcano just half an hours drive from Bagan: a well-known place of worship because of the many places of worship that have been erected on its many hills. Of these, Taung Kalat is particularly famous: a buddhistic sanctuary erected on a vulcanic ridge on the southern side of the vulcan.

There are 777 stairs leading to the sanctuary (don't worry: when we have made it, anyone can do it). It' clouded by a baldachin and inhabited by a vast group of apes willing to take everything from you! And last but not least, you should go to Sat, a tourist haven where you can see the locals immediately thanks to the Sanytwine, their traditionally cut hair.

Established in 1857 by Emperor Mindon Min as the capitol of Burma's last rule, it was erected within imposing ramparts to protect it from the UK menace it captured thirty years later. Mandalay is the name of the town, a viewpoint with a magnificent panorama over the town.

It is said that this mound was frequented by Buddha. There are four old cities right in front of the city: Mingon, Amarapura and its U Leg Bridge (one of the most frequently pictured places in Myanmar), Inwa (Ava) and sagaing. Finally, if the town gets too warm during your sojourn, simply ask our agency to participate in a journey to Dee Doke falls for a full itinerary.

Come to Inle Lake and you will immediately be in a Miyazaki film. You will be struck by the scenery, the village of bamboos that have been erected on the sea, the tomato plantation and the fishery methods. Lake Inle is a magic place - especially at dawn and dusk, when everything turns rose and you don't have to fear the sun.

It is the second largest in Myanmar and in 2015 it was the first area of the land to become part of the world network of biosphere reserves thanks to the large number of its endemics. Formerly known as Rangoon, it is the largest town in Myanmar and was the capitol until 2006.

This was also the capitol of the Great Britains settlement. Untouched by modernisation, the town' s charm is enhanced by four charming structures, tree-lined roads, a vibrant downtown area with welcoming traders, art exhibits and a vibrant night life. You shouldn't miss a trip to Chinatown.

It is the present capitol of Myanmar. Rumors say no one knew about the building of the new capitol and suddenly, on November 11, 2005 at 11 am. As a well-known hiking resort, it is the ideal place for those who love the great outdoors. Aka Mt Victoria, it is situated in the state of Chin and is the ideal place for outings outdoors.

Kyaiktiyo is the third most important pilgrim goal in Myanmar. Constructed on a giant cliff with gold leafs that have been preserved by loyal patrons over the years. During one of his journeys, according to mythology, Buddha gave a curl of head to a recluse, which he gave to the monarch to protect it under a crag.

Aka Hpa-An, it is the capitol of the state of Kayin. Only 15 minutes on foot from the center of Hpa-An is Kan Thar Yar See, from where you can admire the views of Zwegabin Mt. And if you want some physical activity, you can go up the hill (it lasts between 2 and 4 hrs, which is up to you) to take in the breathtaking views, have dinner in the small local restaurants and go to the cloister.

The Sadan Grotto, a cavern the size of a soccer field and full of Buddha sculptures, is located on the southern side of the hill. When you pass through it (bring a flare or you won't see up to two meters), you will find yourself at a hidden pond on the other side.

You can also see Kaw Ka Tsung and Kyauk Kalap Caves on the southern side of Pa-An. The Shwe Myethman is located 14 kilometres from Pyay, for example, a sanctuary with a giant Buddha sculpture with gold goggles over its face. The Buddha prayer in this sanctuary, according to traditions, will help prevent Blindness.

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