Burma places to Visit

Visiting Burma Places

There are five reasons why it is now time to plan a visit. It is also suitable for swimming in the stream and trekking. Myanmar on a personal itinerary.

Cycling on the river island

This is Myanmar, a land of often stunning natural beauties. Whitewashed sandy shores border onto coccoos and extensive ponds, where the locals maintain swimming pools. Me and my sis are just in Ireland from a beautiful 8-day Myanmartrips. At the end of the journey we went to Yangon with the beautiful Aye Aye, Bagan with Mr. Nay, Inle Lake with the great Aye Aye (2!), who felt like our Sis at the end of the journey! and Mandalay with the beautiful Phyu.

The 8-Day Tours of Myanmar are a delightful experience that is taken every second. Every moment of our journey we were enjoying your nice companions. You' ve shown us so many interesting places along the way....... Beautiful Shan towns, cuisine, story, intriguing market full of delicious daily groceries, delicious pasta for dinner and beautiful ethnical fabrics, that's one of my passion.

It was our third journey to Myanmar.... Learn more "Enjoy every minute". "Memorable adventures - our inside tips for the best activities in Myanmar. Leaving the bustling Yangon behind on a bike ride through cobbled streets, market towns and the small town of Dhala before you cross the Twante Channel to the car-free River Island, the best kept mystery in the area.

It' your opportunity to see the town like the locals. Explore the colorful market with the freshest products before having a beverage and some tasty sweets in a teashop. Visiting the Bagan Archeological Area is an attraction for every Myanmar tourist. Slide across the Bagan Plains for 40 breathtaking moments before being welcomed back ashore with a cup of bubbly and a clapping buffet break.

Under the guidance of the organic gardener Mrs. May, you will be taught how to prepare Myanmar cuisine using the many different species of herbs. Attend the Shwedagon Pagoda at sundown for a personal celebration of olive lamps organized just for you. Take the opportunity to see the monks in the town of Sagaing, to participate in the preparations for their lunch and to have lunch with these ladies who dedicate their life to practition.

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