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Come visit first class & must-see attractions in Myanmar (Burma). Twenty-four cool and uncommon activities in Myanmar (Burma) More than 2,000 antique churches characterize the Myanmar countryside on the site of this famous archaeological site. Huge incomplete stamp and the second biggest bells in the whole wide range. It is said that this precious stone crusted sanctuary contains some of the Buddha's Buddha's bristles, which can make the dove listen and the blindfold see.

It is a precarious gold cliff that braves the force of gravitation and attracts people from all over Myanmar.

Cottages full of Buddhist sculptures, unbelievable cliffs and an abandoned Laguna. Luxury dedication and 500,000 pictures of Buddha in Myanmar. It is a gold sanctuary and it is encircled by hundred of plaques that form the "largest books in the world".

Sights in Burma (Myanmar)

Burma's many years of politically isolated Burma has kept it unaccessible and untapped for many years, but as the land opens further, the visitor can select from a growing number of locations. For many years our experts have been here on a regular basis and can suggest local sights to suit your interests and arrange a trip especially for you.

Over 100 ethnical groups have established themselves throughout the entire nation, each with their own unique culture tradition. These places, which are strongly influenced by our travel suggestions for a visit to Burma (Myanmar), are goals that we know are always beloved by our travellers. The way you involve them in your journey can be put together to create a tour that best meets your wishes.

Sights in Myanmar // Myanmar (Burma)

Google / Wikipedia Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a South East Asia based community of more than 100 ethnical groups that borders India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. Formerly Rangoon, the country's biggest town, Yangon is home to busy marketplaces, countless parklands and seas, and the tall, gold-plated Shwedagon Pagoda containing Buddha remains from the sixth centuries.

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