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Though the situation has improved, poverty can be seen immediately. Come and see Pakokku on a tailor-made trip. Pakistanokku is a delightful historic town on the shores of the Irrawaddy, about twenty kilometers northern of Bagan (or Pagan). It was a pleasure to explore the typical roads and the typical atmoshere of the town with the light smile of its people. However, the Shwe Ku and Thilo Shin Peagodas in particular are still definitely recommendable.

The latter contains depictions of the Buddha that go back over a thousand years and are among the most revered in the area.


Also known as Schwenandaw Kyaung, this ancient Myanmar sanctuary was constructed in the nineteenth centuary by King Mindon and later relocated to its present site by his own second. More than two hundred years old, the world's longest wooden deck crosses Lake Taungthaman in Mandalay's Amarapura Town Ship. Kuthodaw Paya is located at the base of Mandalay Hill, a sacred place whose glory lies in the fact that it is home to the biggest novel in the underworld.

It is a well-known place of worship, known for its huge golden Buddha-stata. Buddha was a spoils of battle that King Thado Minsaw from the Konbaung dynasty took to Mandalay after defeating the kingdom of Arakan, and the sculpture was so large that it had to be chopped into chunks, moved and later assembled again.

Of the many interesting things to see are a series of bronze sculptures from Angkor Wat in Cambodia, inscriptions brought to the site from all over the land, the elaborately covered with tiles and the carvings and gold plated pillars of the principal part of the town. For a lover of jewellery and glittering things, your Mandalay journey should take you to the world's biggest jewellery store.

For an entrance charge of about one buck, which allows you to observe the trade, you can see how jewellery and other objects are made from block of glass and make groceries to help the locals' economies. When you want to go to the present site of the shop, it is better to use it.

Forestry and Mining Ministry is planning to move the store from its present site in the community of Mahar Aung Myay to the Amarapura town of Myinmu. Traders are against the move because it would mean a long way for almost 50,000 people. At the top you can see the Sutaungpyei Pagoda and admire the panorama of this amazing town.

Supper and a show are a great mix no matter where you go; the 1,000 years of folk dancing presented three nights awek at Mandalay Hill Resort are no exceptions. At only $25 you can dine, drink and dynasty dancing, a show that covers Myanmar's dancing tradition from the days of old Bagan to the present time.

Situated at the base of Mandalay Hill, this is also the world's biggest Buddha sculpture in steel. Commenced in 1874, the Kuthodaw is similar to the Kuthodaw with its many blank Stupa. It has a complex regal story and is the tomb of several members of the regal line who died in a military campaign in 1866.

Constructed in the 1. cent. by Pagan Prince Min Shin Saw, this is still in its pristine form as it has never been restored. Enjoy the interaction of Myanmar's tradition of dancing, folk dancing and costumes every night from 8:30-9:30 am in this window of Myanmar's special people. The presented dancing goes back as far as the old Bagan empire and is complemented by a performance of classical livemusic.

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