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The Mandalay Hill is perhaps one of the most famous places in Myanmar. Sights in Myanmar. Luxurious holidays in Bagan, Burma, luxury travel in Bagan

Bagan is one of the wealthiest and most exceptional archeological places in the middle of Burma. Formerly known as the town of four million rambles, today it boasts a green, 26 square kilometre plains stretching along the banks of the Irrawaddy. Bagan (or Pagan as it was formerly called) was the birthplace of Burma's civilization and the pagan empire's metropolis of politics, economics and culture during the city's Golden Era between 1044 and 1287.

During this time, thirteen monarchs worked to create a civilization full of churches, couples and buildings, and introduced Theravada Buddhism to mainland Burma in 1055, when Bagan became a center of buddhistic intellectuality and study. But not all of them were constructed by monarchs, many of them prosperous family members, to earn merits for Buddha.

In 1287 the pagan empire crumbled suddenly when the Mongols under the leadership of Genghis Khan's grandchild, the mysterious Kublai Khan, rushed down to Burma and plundered the town. Nil-attended, degraded and several devastating quakes mean that what is left today is only a glance at Bagan in the sky, if its might and importance, although some have been re-established by UNESCO.

It is without a shadow of a noteworthy imprint of a once illustrious era in Burma's past and heritages. Ride over the skyline of the other planet in a hot-air baloon at dawn, drive down the lazy Irrawaddy River at dusk or simply stroll through the temple with a wagon and your back.

Most of the year Bagan is warm, but the best period for a trip is between October and March, and during the full moons is a favorite season for locals. Tips are not common in Burma, but small-denomination amounts in the country's own currencies are valued for contributions in large orphanages. You should be dressed in a conservative way, and your boots and stockings must be taken off before you step on your toes.

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