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Smile-smiling children, women at the market, craftsmen making lacquerware, monks on the streets; the people of Burma are usually gentle, often shy and reverent. On my adventurous five-week backpacking tour I experienced Burma's beautiful landscapes, culture and amazing people. Sat photos show Rohingya houses in Myanmar. Explore stories about local culture, hidden places and photographic opportunities throughout Burma.

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Falsified photographs ignite suspense

Rohingya have been persecuted for years in Myanmar, where they are refused nationalism. People who have reached the area have found that the volatility and strong animosity towards the Rohingyas makes it very hard to collect information. This is what we know about what happened in Rakhine:

Mr. Simsek erased them three day after his tweeting, in which many folks questioned the pictures. Several Burmese men who challenge Mr Zimsek over tweets have proposed becoming a victim of the devastation of Cyclone Nargis in May 2008. Some said they were riverboat accident casualties in Myanmar.

The picture does not reflect the recent violent events in the state of Rakhine. And it was hard to find the forth picture of those who dived into a channel, but it can be found on a website asking for donations for the recent floods in Nepal. The Rohingyas are now in a hectic race for control in the masses, with each side's competing wars.

Mr President, I have been bombed with cruel pictures pretending to show massacre casualties, most of which are hard to check. Some of the pictures are clearly false. A picture sent to me (below) allegedly showing Rohingya fighters practicing with guns turned out to be a photo of Bangladesh nationals who fought in the 1971 IDP.

Unrest in Myanmar

Thein Sein has proclaimed a state of exception in West Burma after fatal confrontations between Indonesian Buddhists and Muslims. The state TV said on Sunday that a curfew had been issued in the Rakhine city, Sittwe, and three other cities. -The move follows the riot on Friday in two other areas of Rakhine State, which, according to State Media, let at least seven men die and 17 injured, and saw several hundred homes burnt down.

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