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For many years under a military dictatorship, this Southeast Asian country - formerly known as Burma - held a virtual time capsule that is being created. Burma was definitely one of the highlights of my recent trip to Asia. " The Summer Show" at the Scott Nichols Gallery. Burma's hawk vibrant flavours are produced in open-air markets. Breathtaking photo gallery with photos of wildlife, faces and places.

Photogallery of pictures in Burma - 2011

It' s an astonishing sight, but the place itself wasn't that much for me, I definitely don't think it is a "must" for Myanmar. There is a buddhistic convent on the top of the hill and the buddhistic recluse kept the stairs from 777 stairs to the top. Bagan, then known as Pagan, is an old town in Myanmar in the Mandalay area.

Situated in the arid plains on the eastern shore of the Irrawaddy River, 140 kilometres south-west of Mandalay, it was the capitol of several old Burma empires. In Bagan there are only bikes or horse-drawn carriages to see the hundred of coupons, you have the option.

I used both possibilities and both are great adventures, but the really amazing thing about Myanmar, the former Burma, Bagan, probably the best of the whole journey, 2011, was my first sundown seen from Pagoda Shwesandaw. I began my journey along the powerful Irrawaddy riverbank, on the way to Myanmar, the former Burma, Bagan, at five in the mornings.

Spending the whole afternoon on a slower vessel, I definitely had some interesting photos of some of the locals and living along the canal. At nine in the afternoon I was in Bagan, on the riverbank for more than 15 hrs, and stopped in every hamlet between Mandalay and Bagan. Burma, Mandalay, if possible, is worse than Yangon, overcrowded, dirty, messy, full of loud motorcycles and tooths.

Naturally, you can see lovely gold palagodas all over Myanmar. Out of the hustle and bustle of the hustle and bustle of the city, the landscape is really lovely. In Amarapura the motorcycle tour to the Mandalay area, the U Bein bridge and the near abbey was extraordinary. The old village of Mingun is 11 km from Mandalay on the western shore of the Irrawaddy Riviera.

At the end of the afternoon I reached Mingun after a drive through the area. This is definitely one of the best days in Myanmar. Mingun is definitely on Myanmar's top sightseeing lists. After a 10 hour drive from Myanmar, the former Burma, and the Inle Sea, although it was only 5am, the coach terminal was overcrowded.

At first, the remarkable differences to Yangon were the thousand of motorcycles honking and bleeping around the clock in all directions. It is a completely contaminated chaos that only Burmese can cope with. The Inle Sea is situated near Nyaungshwe and Taunggyi in Shan State Myanmar.

I' ve been spending a few nights deciding if the long coach journey from Yangon to Inle Sea was a good one. Although one of the best rides in Myanmar streets are pretty poor, we're talkin' about 13 hour sleep. From Yangon I came to Bago, the former Burmese capitol, during a day's cabbing.

In Bago I was expecting to find old remains, but nothing was so far from the real world and made me think a great deal about the people of Burma and their attitudes, the way to renovate and re-paint all kinds of worship and sculptures. Irrespective of whether an old Buddha sculpture is more than 1000 years old, it must be pure and pure, it is a question of consideration.

Yangon is the biggest and most important centre of Burma with over four million inhabitants. Also known as Rangoon, Yangon is the former Burma capitol and does not care if the Burmese army has moved the administration centre to Naypyidaw, 322 km northern of Yangon, since March 2006.

A US State Department estimates the number of inhabitants in Yangon at 5.5 million in 2010, although the infrastructure in Yangon is very untapped in comparison to other similar towns in Asia.

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