Burma Photography Tours

Photography Tours in Burma

Go under the skin of Dalah and meet many smiling locals on one of the small group tours of the Scottish professional photographer Don Wright. A unique photo expedition in the Golden Land through four states of Myanmar. For a street, documentary or landscape photographer, Myanmar is heaven. You are an enthusiastic photographer? Foto-trips, Photo-trips, Photo-trips to Burma, Myanmar.

Photography tours and workshops in Bagan, Yangon, Mandalay

Book a one-day photo and hiking trip that turned out to be one of the most astonishing tourist adventures I have ever had! Because of its accessability, road photography is an ever more common way of making daily life come true. The Yangon City Photography Strolling is a great way to enhance your photograph.

We' ll use our exploration of places and relationships in the municipality to place ourselves and to practise and catch villagers' lives, landscape and portrait. Booking your photo holiday today! Get a bicycle and set off on this Bagan adventurous itinerary! Leaving the busy roads behind you, you will find a calmer, less touristic side of Bagan.

Mr. Lwin's many years of practice will take you to important sights, memorials and places that are not often frequented by people. An extraordinary leader, known as "Best of the Best" in Bagan! The Bagan Discovery Tours are just the thing for you if you only have one full outing! Feel free and spontaneous on this led e-bike trip through the temple of Bagan.

It is the ultimative excursion for travellers who want to enjoy many different transportation options and want to travel a great deal of area. For those who really want to get away from the well-trodden paths and discover the real pearls of Bagan. These explorations include many places that are not shown on touristic charts and are not often used.

We' ll use our exploration of places and relationships in the municipality to place ourselves and to practise and catch villagers' lives, landscape and portrait. Once again fell in love with this one-of-a-kind couple adventure. All the amenities for a relaxing holiday in Bagan can be arranged, complete with the latest floral arrangements, import wines and stunning sunsets.

Myanmar Photography Campaign . Help the Dreamer

Seeing that the creation and maintenance of national parks can generate income is an encouragement for them to maintain such areas and build new ones, instead of making short-term profits through deforestation, plantation and so on. Also, if they can see that national parks, forest reserves, nature reserves, etc. generate income for them and jobs for the locals, then it is an encouragement for them to recognise such reserves and take part in them.

That is why it is important to us to include as many such reserves as possible in our routes â" not only to show the landscape and tropical wildlife to our guests, but also to motivate the public administrations and the locals to become established and cultivate themselves. In line with our philosophies, our photo trips emphasize photography, which values locals, their culture and religion and promotes a beneficial effect on the places and individuals we are visiting.

We' ve covered tourist places not normally found in Burma, such as Aung Ban, Kalaw, Pindaya, Pyin U Lwin, as well as less touristic places like the more crowded Mandalay and Yangon area. ⢠Restaurant and lodging; we use smaller, geographically managed restaurant and lodging that bigger groups could not do - another key part of our tours.

Attention has been paid to maximising spending on private and domestic businesses, hotel, restaurant, etc. and a minimal amount on state-owned property such as inevitable entry charges to websites such as Bagan, as well as active efforts to prevent private property and businesses that are in contact with the state.

In fact, some state institutions and places that we considered insignificant were intentionally removed from our programme. Further special programmes that will be assisted on this route are tours of crafts businesses and the metallurgical industry such as Inle and Pindaya. The use of on-the-spot means of transportation such as cyclos/rickshaws and carriages for oxen or horses.

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