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Myanmar Photography

This workshop is for you if you've always dreamed of an exotic and exciting journey full of great photos! Myanmar is a very special place. We have a selection of photos of what we love in Burma, from the unusual activities to the little things that make it so special. Burmese photo competition with Inle Lake, Chinlone and a hot air balloon. Myanmar, Burma, photo tour,'Pictures of Burma' included;

Rangoon, Mandalay, U Bein Bridge, Irrawaddy Cruise, Bagan, Mount Popa, Kalaw, Inle Lake.

Extensive photo trips through Myanmar (BURMA) with a good name - 12-day trips - 2018 and 2019

It' s seldom that a nation can do justice to the recent Myanmar frenzy, but our record is that it certainly merits it, especially if you're looking for a worthwhile photo adventures worthwhile travel ing to and from the places far beyond the guide's recommendation. We will always focus on getting out and around and taking great snaps.

He will always be available for help and guidance and, with the help of a native leader, will open the door to introduce you to the natives and the true Myanmar. Everyday will be so full of photography that it will be difficult to get home without a great range of snaps.

Includes 11 full day and 12 overnight stays. The aim of this trip is to develop a deeper comprehension of good travelling photography. He is particularly interested in promoting three facets of travelling photography: technological expertise, creativity and ethics. Nathan works with the group to help you better grasp specific technological issues, inspire you artistically, and above all set a good example.

There will also be plenty of free space to build your post-production capabilities so you can increase the "wow factor" of your images and go home with a vantage point of the trip that everyone can be proud of. Classes begin in the mornings. Then we cross the road to get on the ship and drive comfortably to the historical place Mingun.

We' re just in the right moment to get back on the ship and enjoy a wonderful view of the sundown. In the morning we drive to the legendary Ubeinbr├╝cke, where we are hoping to catch local people with their goods on their head and to see the daylight coming up from a ship on the lower water.

The next stop is the historical site of Inwa (Ava) with horses and wagons. In the afternoon we pass the Ayerwaddy river to the monks' and nuns' school. At the end of the afternoon we stop at Mandalay's lively fair. That gives us enough to stop at fairs, in towns and on the rice paddies we meet on the way.

Arrival at our lodge in good season for luncheon and a swim in the swimming pools. When it cools down we give you preferential admission to another astonishing tea tree with native friars before going to Bodhi Tataung, which has one 423ft stands among thousands of others. Mornings In the mornings, we cross the Chidwin River and ride to the Phowintaung Caves.

Then we will travel through the characteristic landscape of Burma, stopping from time to time to take pictures of ox cart and shepherd. We' ll have dinner in another river bank in Pakokku before we go to Bagan. On check-in at the hotels we visit the temple of the renowned sundown over Bagan. Bagan Day 6 Once again an early departure in front of the crowd to see the sun rise over Old Bagan.

We will return to the Old Bagan to visit more monasteries after having our breakfasts at the hotels and we are hoping to organize a few Buddhist friars to raise the interest in the forefront. Later in the afternoons we will make a coach available to another, lesser-known sanctuary for sunsets in a few interesting surrounding pictures.

Departure to the aiport for a lunch break to Heho and ride to Kalaw, an old mountain stop from the time of the British Raj. We' ll stop in a small hamlet that is really off the beaten path, where we'll see locals coming home from their daily work in the countryside.

The Shan state's cities house daily changing locations in a five-day rotating system where mountain tribes gather to buy and trade their goods. We will plan a trip to a fair in the mornings when it is in a city.

During the afternoons we organise a walk through the wonderful landscape, where you have the possibility to see the houses of the locals and the locals attired. Nyaung Shwe 9 We depart Kalaw and make our way to a Pindaya, renowned for its 1000 Buddha caverns and the handcrafted manufacture of Burma's legendary canopies.

We' ll then leave for Nyaung Shwe in good season for a brief stroll around the bustling harbour that serves Inle Lake. Nyaung Shwe Day 10 We take a ferry to Indein. It' a photographical highlights with its bustling riverbank and its many old and fashionable coupons that reach as far as the eyes can see.

Nyaung Shwe 11 You have a free days to cycle or walk around Nyaung Shwe. We' ll make sure you don't miss the very photoogenic ovale windowspagode. Yangon We fly to Yangon early in the mornings. No worries, we couldn't let you go without visiting the sparkling Shwedagon pit in the early mornings.

Early in the afternoons we leave in good order for the airfield. Attention: The route may change or vary. Fill out the tour request form on the contact page (just click on the links on the right side of the page).

As soon as we have received your request, we will verify and validate its accessibility and book you a seat on the itinerary. We' ll pay you an account for the down payment (25% of the total price). Remaining amount (75%) is due 60 nights before departure. Remaining payment is due 60 working nights before the beginning of the trip.

IMPORTANT: Please see the pages About our trips and useful information, as they contain important information for a trip with us and about the land you want to be in.

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