Burma per Capita Income

Myanmar Per capita income

Per capita GDP, current prices. U.S. dollars per capita. Card list.

Per capita GDP based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). What about the structure of GDP and the level of GDP per capita? As Myanmar has developed in these areas vis-à-vis others in.

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Per capita GDP, PPP (currently international)$6,139 (2017) Click on a line to view the 5-year chart on the right. Account Balance (BoP, actual US$)($ (2016) Click on a line to view the 5-year chart on the right. UNECSOLUTION 0.794% (2017) Click on a line to view the 5-year chart on the right.

Commercials Service Exports (currently US$)$3,687,548,946 (2016) Click on a line to view the 5-year chart on the right. Interpreting the graph: This chart is intended to provide a momentary picture of a country's economic situation compared to other jurisdictions. Burma's export ranking, for example, is higher than (please wait.....) the record of the states.

A higher ranking (closer to 100%) indicates a strong economic performance for export, FDI and GDP measurements. On the other hand, a lower ranking (closer to 0%) for unemployment and inflation points to a strong economic situation.

Myanmar Store Survey

Myanmar was recently opened after decade-long periods of economic segregation and is a new destination for South East Asian economic development. Myanmar, with a large and largely undeveloped economic base and a large section of the world' s economies, is almost an empty screen for the fast pace of economic and business development in the state. In order to guarantee the economic transformation from state-controlled industry to more liberalized market, the German federal administration wants to win investment for the development of infrastructure and the provision of goods and service to the people.

Following a historical opening of the land, Myanmar's administration has skilfully retained the country's low taxation. The reopening has led to a property booming, driven by the increasing influx of foreigners, expatriates and businesses looking to do businesses in Myanmar. Myanmar's high-growth global economy is driven by increasing numbers of subscribers to wireless and growing telecommunication infrastructure.

In view of the current low volume of trading, the opening of Myanmar's economy to the next few years is an important step towards further expansion.

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