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You can use the Myanmar E-Visa (see their website ) to travel from Thailand to Myanmar at the following overland borders: However, if you are entering from India at the Moreh/Tamu frontier, you must obtain a standard tourism permit in advanced from any embassy in Myanmar. If you are booking an Overland Boarder Crossing Tour with any of our agencies, they must send you an invoice to obtain your visas.

To receive the Myanmar Overland Permit, you need the following documentation (Info Updated on August 18 by a Myanmar Overland Agency): Carnet de Passage is NOT obligatory for entry to Myanmar. Few travel agents are able to cross Myanmar with their own cars and bicycles, one of the pioneers is Osuga Myanmar Travels, which was the regional enterprise that carried out the Asia Senses Travel http://www.asiasenses. com/ ( (or Burma Senses as their department http://www.burmasenses. com/), as they are an Vietnamese agent and were not permitted to provide these kinds of service.

For information on the first group of overlanders to pass through Myanmar from India to Thailand in February 2013, click here: You said: "Our journey through Myanmar was organised by BrightView journey from Tin (tin.apex@gmail.com). It did all the paper work and led us through Myanmar in 9 working nights and that was too brief, if you drive more than one car, I suggest at least 2 week.

A current (2018) pricelist of one of the agents can be found here: Download PDF pricelist, so that you can roughly estimate your cost. We plan to travel from Thailand to Myanmar in April or May 2015. I' ve got a suggestion for a route for a 14-day trip and also some charges.

Included - Tours - Extra fee / Admission / Hotel (3 double rooms) / Officers fee / All kinds of taxes / Insurance / Escort car and English language guidebook. If, for some important cause (e.g. medical problems), the car must be left during an overland trip, the Myanmar agency that issued your overland travel authorization may store your car for a period not exceeding 6 inches.

Explain the demands on the bureaucracy and the processes at the point of departure. Specify the cost of the policy and a timeframe. When cars cannot be left on the roads, please enumerate the other available choices. This is a checklist of things to watch out for (e.g. un-signed oversigned speedsumps, unusual traffic regulations, humans or pets on the streets, etc.).

Mention all streets that are not advised for driving for safety or any other reason. Indicate whether organised "pay camping" is used. Lists the establishments that are customary on these camp sites. Indicate the estimated avarage campsite prices on organised sites. Lists and links to specific campsite literature. Otherwise, describe where you can buy secure bottled waters and the estimated mean prices.

Overlander is a website and iPhone app for Overlanders developed by Overlanders. Provides a hyperlink to websites that have a GPS coordinates (or directions) listing for campgrounds ( "wild" campgrounds included), fuel fillings, petrol station, workshops, tourist attractions, etc. Describe any difficulty or restriction where the car can be used.

Explain how a non-nationals can or should not describe how to dispose of a car.

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