Burma Orphanage

Burmese Orphanage

HOME/ACUIIL The aim is to provide disadvantaged Myanmarchians with healthy and inviting shelter, appropriate nutrition, a secure, harmonic and rewarding place to live in, allowing them to grow in physical, mental, social and spiritual development. However, as early as 2002, after several visits to India to work with Mother Teresa, Mama Louise, a Quebec City (Canada) registered nursing staff member, decided to continue her charitable work by giving English lessons to young Chinese from disadvantaged areas of Myanmar in a school.

In an interview with the responsible friar, she chose to endorse his plan to open an orphanage. From 2007 to 2008 more than 35 kids could call this new harbour their home. Today, in 2016, the Sunrise Home range has expanded to 54 in number. With the participation of the Association Entraide Myanmar (a Quebec-based group founded in 2008), the work of a large number of voluntary workers, generously donated by individual donors and endowments, and the continued and valuable work of the co-founder and dedicated Burmese, the vision could not be realized or continued.

Despite the fact that many actions have already been taken, much still needs to be done: increasing numbers of young people, their needs change, the costs of life increase, infrastructure is damaged annually by the monsoon and requires constant action. The Sunrise Home Youth Development Center is situated on the edge of Yangon. They say: "THANK YOU FOR BEING FOR US "The Sunrise Home Youth Development Center kids, January 2016.

Myanmar Charity Mission - Volunteers in Burma

Immediately we decided to go to Felice Tantardini's Romanian orphanage, which had been suggested by a Myanmar tourist leader who speaks Hungarian and whom we happened to meet. On our return we are received by Miu, the orphanage' s principal; courteous, with a smile and patience in responding to all our queries about the orphanage' s young guests and the visit to the institution.

The orphanage is permeated by a powerful odour of insecticides; in fact, it is a constant disinfectant of dorms against bedbugs. We are concerned about the complete lack of beds in the dorms, only beds and ceilings on wood plinths. Once we have left the orphanage, we immediately go to the only shop that can deliver 37 beds in less than 48hrs that will be shipped on our next trip.

On the next morning, loaded with a toy, we hop on our rental bicycles and leave the city to find other abandoned kids. You will meet the Buddhist orphanage Sasana Yaung Chi. Some of the Buddhist friars are walking through the enormous garden. He is asked to come with us to see the abandoned babies in their dorms.

It is not only that they do not have a mattress to put them to bed, but also the general condition of the dorms and the kids themselves is appalling. Soiling and disorder everywhere, but even more appalling is that many kids suffer from head and hide fungus infection, wear filthy clothing, some barefooted. Decided to return to the town and find an translator to accompany us to the orphanage.

First and foremost, we find that these 120 kids need medication and essential goods. So, we go back to the town to buy everything they need: mushroom cream, stomach backflow tablets, acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, toothpaste, tooth brushes and medical sap. We three in the limousine and a tuk of tug in tug, we go to the shop to collect the mats ordered in advance, and together we go to the Felice Tantardini bro. to supply them.

A few abandoned babies come to bring the new mats into their rooms, even the mats for the kids who are away during the summer off. Then we will go out of the orphanage, go back to the country to have a snack and get ready to supply the medicine and essential needs to the orphanage Sasana.

It is recommended that they buy acetaminophen and they also suggest buying soccer balls that we can take to the kids this afternoons. As we arrived in Sasana, many kids came to us with a sincere smile. Then some of them spotted the phone's front view cam and started making faces.

It'?s inconceivable how these little boys can be so unhappy with so little. It' getting darkness, the boys and girls are going to washing their hands, and after a while we all go to the place of prayers. Soap, tooth paste and tooth brushes are distributed to the students and medicine is delivered to the school.

The orphanage is a little bit weary, but very lucky; a never felt sense of joy that is hard to describe. We' re going to go back and do a lot more. Meanwhile, these fine kids sing a buddhistic pray that hopefully all the people of the world will be lucky and prosper and healthy.

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