Burma or Myanmar Tourism

Myanmar or Burma Tourism

Horse and cart with tourists on a dusty road at sunset in Bagan. Besides inbound tourism, Myanmar is currently experiencing rapid growth among outbound travellers. An entry stamp page is required. Burma, formerly Burma, is the most persuasive nation in Asia. The Myanmar Tourism Federation (MTF) said Myanmar will soon impose a tourism tax on visitors to finance the country's tourism development.

Articles | The Do's and Don'ts of traveling in Burma / Myanmar

Say "Mingalarbar" when you meet someone, use "U" before the men's name and " Daw " before the women's name; let the oldest be serviced first; bid items with both Hands and hold both Feets on the floor; stoop slightly before the oldest; get dressed and act properly, talk slow and clear; ask for approval before taking pictures; do not contact anyone's face; do not point your fingers directly into the face; do not tread over any part of the

Do not go where you should not; do not trade in narcotics; when you enter a pagoda or monastery, dress properly (no pagoda pants, naked collars or chests) and take off your footwear; do not back to Buddha's picture; Be respectful of friars, queens and nuns, don't hold each other' hand, a wife should not be touching a friar, don't walk in the shadows of a friar; The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism of Myanmar suggests the following do's and don'ts:

No hugging or kissing in front of the world. Don't dare touching an adult on your skull. Do not tread on any part of a persons as he is regarded as impolite. But in Myanmar, unlike on the Asian continents, a nod means YES and a shake of the skull means NO. If not available, always have hot meals. Avoid eating groceries bought from hawkers.

Avoid drinking mains running out. Traditional and recommended to eat in China. Burmese foods are often referred to as "oily". For good Myanmar cuisine, go to good eating places in the Yangon area, where they prepare Myanmar to world-class cuisine. Don't keep costly objects in your room. When you' re ill, don't fret. Many Myanmar do not even sport footwear at home.

Don't go on foot. Be careful where you go and where you tread. Don't point it at the couch or a friar. Do not make noises in these areas. Don't contact holy things with dishonor. Be respectful of friars, monastics and newcomers ((even if they are children). Don't volunteer your wrist to join forces with a friar.

Set deeper than a friar and the Ancients. Don't serve lunch to a friar, a nun or a newcomer. I don't think a girl should be touching a friar.

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