Burma now Myanmar

Myanmar now Myanmar

In Southeast Asia, estimated dead: Unknown displaced persons: Untreated wood from private forest plantations can now be exported. With the Myanmar army's rape campaign, there is a wave of births in refugee camps. Burma Business Today A political map of Burma and a satellite image of Landsat. In a year, there will be a new government in Myanmar.

Benedict XVI: A monk at a couch on a dirt street. Young-eyed prying eye following your footsteps from a run-down mountain camp. Cycling through the temple of Bagan in the early morning mists. An excursion into yesterday's mountain range just off Mandalay. Ancient men in longyi dresses, whispers of today's messages in the tea shops of colonies. SLOWNNNESS, HOOPE slownnness, hoope and many issues. Burma, expect you, get involved and stay inside you. Forever and ever

Burma, expect you, get involved and stay inside you. Burma, now Myanmar, is unfamiliar to most peoples, but most of them have an idea of Burma. Burma is re-defining itself today, but there are many actors, many votes and million tales. It' your chance to discover Burma on your own.

There are new frontiers opening up, new air lanes being launched and making the unfamiliar open up. Are Burma a hard place to go? No. It's not when you have a lot of free will. Friendship? Out of the realm of fantasy. When you are inquisitive and open, you can look forward to a good stay with the Myanmar population.

Hawker, stressful at the airfield, trying to get you where you don't want to go - why not get a good headway on your Burma-adventure? Take a look at our arrival packages for a gentle touchdown in Burma.

Myanmar & Burma Stamps (1948-Now)

Brand new entryBurma, Union of Burma, twelve (12) postage due to 5R's, very LMM / unassembled MNH. Burma: 50P Air Letter; Pastor John Matthew, Holy Cross Church, Rangoon, to Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales, 28 January 1966. Burma: 50P Air Letter; Joan Litchfield, Rangoon, to Troy Donahue, Hollywood, CA, USA, May 15, 1963. View Scanning


MYANMAR General and Diktator

Shu Maung, (born May 24, 1911, Paungdale, Burma[Myanmar] - died December 5, 2002, Yangon, Myanmar), Burma general, who was the head of Burma (now Myanmar) from 1962 to 1988. He was one of thirty comrades during the Second World War, after the Japanese-induced invasion of Burma, who went to Hainan in China in 1941 to get trained by the Japan.

After that, he was serving as an official in the Burma National Military from 1943 to 1945, but being disappointed by the Japanese, he assisted in organizing the Burma subterranean element. Burma became independent from Britain on 4 January 1948 and became the second commander-in-chief of the military. On March 2, 1962, however, Ne Win staged a military coup by arresting U Nu and founding the Revolutionary Council of the Union of Burma, whose members came almost entirely from the military.

During his later reign, Ne Win linked a oppressive army regime with a socioeconomic programme whose cornerstones were the nationalisation of Burma's large corporations. The regime failed to take full sovereignty of India's, China's and Pakistan's merchants over the country's economies and launched an aggressive but ineffective programme of fast IPO.

He took a neutralistic course in external politics and kept Burma separate from other people. In 1964, his government made Burma a one-party state; the only allowed political group was the Myanmar Socialist Program Partie ( "BSPP"), which had been formed by Ne Win and was ruled by the war.

In 1972-73 Ne Win and his associates drafted a new constitutional treaty that provided for a one-party state in Burma. As a result, he remained President of the BSPP and remained the outstanding head of the state. It was in the latter eighties that Ne Win's policy of socialism and isolationism made Burma one of the worlds poors.

Governments bribery and maladministration had pushed much of the country's economy to the ground, and Burma, once a major travel exporting nation, began to suffer from a shortage of humanity. Then the BSPP was overthrown by the federal administration and in September was superseded by the State Law and Order Restoration Council, which was also chaired by the armed forces.

However, he was placed under home detention in March 2002 after several members of his relatives were arrested for a putsch against the country's armyjuntas.

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