Burma Nightlife

Myanmar Nightlife

There was more than enough time for me to go to almost every nightclub and bar in town. On Myanmar Burma's nightlife in a realistic way. To enjoy the nightlife in Myanmar can be a challenge, as it almost does not exist. Late Night Entertainment is not a concept developed in Myanmar. Nightlife is good, but of course you have to know where to look.

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In January 2017 I was in Yangon (Myanmar) for two week. There was more than enough free to go to almost every nightclub and bar in town. The nightlife in Yangon is better than anticipated, although it will be a few more years before it is ready to go.

But only 3-4 I really enjoy. But on the other hand, I was glad that they are usually open every single evening of the month, sometimes until it' s too evening, and that Burmese are avid partygoers. Much of what you will be reading about pubs and nightlife is obsolete, imprecise or totally out-of-date.

For nightlife and sightseeing, live in the city centre near the Sule Pagoda. 5-star:Shangri-La Hotel Sule: $200/night - Find the lowest rates on HotelsCombined. 4-star:Best Western Chinatown Hotel ($80/night) - Check the best rates on HotelsCombined. ? 3-Stars:City Star Yangon ($40/night) - Find a better deal on HotelsCombined.

The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel (The Clubhouse), Inya Lake Hotel (DJ's Bars, Inya Bar) and Yangon International Hotel (Pioneer). Take the 19. road to dine, enjoy a glass of cold water and see other travellers (especially the Kosan bar). So if you fancy a little bit of nightclubbing, I suggest Channel V or Pioneer. You go to Kanbawza Road for dinner, Kan Yeik Thar Road for a sip.

When you' re young, Fuse Club in Myanmar Plaza or BME 2 are the best. Sundown on a roof (Atlas, Penthouse, Yangon Yangon), dinners in Shwe Sa Bwe, Opera, Alamanda or Le Planteur. We' re gonna need more beverages in Union, The Envoy or City. To celebrate, open a flask in the clubhouse or hear the prostitute in Parkroyal (if you don't object).

Not so adventuresome, try Pioneer. Less still, go to Music 5 (Park Royal) or DJ's Bar. The crossing of Yangon from Chinatown to Inya Lake is about 4,000MMK. It is not so secure at nights, as the roads are full of strays and clutter. and they' re gonna run you over just to keep up.

In Myanmar, their healthcare is at greater peril and the corresponding International Clinic in Parami Hospital is very high. I' ve designed the above maps to give you an impression of the different nightlife areas in Yangon. Yangon's 6 most important nightlife areas are the following (from north to south): compounds, there are 2 upscale night clubs (DJ's Bar and Inya Bar).

At a few hundred metres, on Kan Yeik Thar Street, there are some less pricey pubs and diners serving both expatriates and affluent people from Burma (Brave, The Vibe, Joe's Kitchen, Spy and Escape). 2 ) Myanmar Plaza and Bahan One of the finest neighbourhoods in Yangon, here you will also find the hottest night clubs and night clubs.

You are in the all-new Myanmar Plaza (Fuse, Eclipse, Harry's), Kabar Aye Road (Cask 81, The West) or Kanbawza Street (Genki Kids, PorterHouse and several other restaurants). The BME 2 night club is also there. 3 ) Kandawgyi Lake and Shwedagon Pagoda This is not exactly a nightlife area, but you have several roof bar and cafes for visitors and local people.

It gets more fragmented at nights. Luxurious KTV' like VIP and The One, and the Yangon International Hotel is home to the Pioneer Clubs, Muse, Mbox Karaoke and some other inns. The skyscrapers include the infamous JJ Entertainment (the most beloved among foreigners) and the more down-to-earth Nasa, Channel V, 9 Floor and Asia Entertainment City.

Some with expatriates (50th Street Café, Union). The Yangon night clubs are similar, probably because they are run by a few different people. Notice: Unless otherwise stated, the tracks are almost always commercially EDM, especially quick Top 40 tracks (old and new songs). Situated on the roof of Yangon's newest shopping centre, Fuse is currently the city's hottest night club.

Having internationally accepted conventions, it draws a socio-political audience and receives at least every twoweek a DJ. Crowds of people: 85% wealthy Burmese (including celebrities), 15% young people. One of my favourites in Yangon, it's great for those looking for a fun night out.

Occupied every evening of the weeks. Yangon International Hotel, perhaps the most renowned Yangon nightspot. Overcrowded and less pricey most of the time. 5 (Downtown) Parkroyal Hotel's 5-star hotel discotheque, lounge and lounge. These are two of the most favourite meeting places for young Burmese of the higher classes. At Brave, the one is EDM.

The BME 2 (Bahan) Upmarket Bottles at Inya Lake. A small but welcoming group. Crowds of people: 90% Myanmar, 10% expat. Kandawgyi Palace Hotel is a contemporary and internationally standard clubhouse. Crowds of people: 80% wealthy people from Burma, 20% are foreign. Favoured by non-nationals (and prostitutes). Beergarden with a big canvas, a pub and a small party.

? Crowd: Thirty percent foreign, seventy percent young foreign. The Inya Bar (Inya Lake Hotel) A nightspot within easy walk of the DJ's Bar. Mingalar Mon Market (JJ Entertainment) A very popular expatriate and tourist outing. They' re going to have a show early in the morning. The 9-Floor (Mingalar Mon Market) Also known as the 9-F, it is a large, very young group.

Crowds: 99% Myanmar, 1% foreign. Probably the most subterranean nightspot I went to in Yangon. There is a lot going on most of the night, even during the week. Crowds of people: 99% Myanmar, 1% young foreigner (or less). In the same house there is a short-term motel. Muse/Yangon International Hôtel A new venue aimed at affluent people in Burma, but not employed, unless they have specific activities.

Yangon's biggest nightlife, there is a spas, a KTV, a showroom, and a discotheque. There are certain evenings when people are occupied. They organise LGBT-friendly activities and hip-hop evenings. Can' t just run around expecting to find a bar in Yangon.

This town is too big and the number of pubs too small. Below are some of the most popular, by neighbourhood (for the precise locations you can see my Yangon nightlife card at the end of the article). This large area (3.5 km long and 1 km large) has the highest number of pubs in Yangon.

Like I said before, 19 th Streets is the liveliest nightlife in the city. A lot of backpack tourists will be hanging out there every single notch. Two of the best pubs are Doubles Happiness and Kosan (both from the same race). Please note: You should not eat too expensive road meals throughout the entire 19. Take 18 st instead.

It used to be the place among expatriates, but now it's much calmer. This is a small local club with everyday life-tunes. Microphone evenings on Tuesday are very full. Seventh Joint Yangon. Frequent events like salsa and musical evenings. The Gekko Japanese/Korean café offers some of the best Cocktail in Yangon.

Envoy Restaurant with Saturday evening life jazzmus. Mostly bourgeois Burmese at nigh. It' one of my favourite places to eat in Yangon. Another place with ecological background noise, west side dining and a few backpack tourists. This is a good road to start the evenings on Fridays and Saturdays (if you are staying in the north).

They can dine in Joe's Kitchen or Escape in the evening, then have a drink in Brave (local audience) and end the day in the Vibe. On a 500 metre long route there are several upscale pubs and gastronomic canteens. Expatriates have a tendency to go to Genki Kids, while very wealthy people in Burma like the Cask 81 Whisky Restaurant.

It has several pubs (P2, The Cup Sports Café), cafés and outings. Neither are noteworthy, but they are interesting if you plan to go to Pioneer later. I' ve included all the places referred to in this report in the following map:

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