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In the Ukrainian game, FIFA is investigating the video of the Croatian player. The boys enjoy basketball after fleeing war-torn Burma. Celebrity one-eyed matador scalped by a bull in a bloody video. Aliso Read: Is the UN now printing fake messages in Myanmar?

Cruingya infants discarded and abandoned for death in the Myanmar crises

We' ve seen footage of appalling hardship and despair among tens of thousand run-down Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, among them skinny wives and newborns abandoned on the beach and abandoned to death. She also questions the Myanmar authorities' assertion that their armies are merely imposing force majeure to contain atrocities.

Driving by fishermen' s boats in the midnight, we took a ring road from southern Bangladesh to Myanmar. We' re hiding the trip to prevent the Bangladesh or Myanmar government from closing the itinerary. We' saw lines of baby boys bouncing off the shore.

This crowd kept telling us how Myanmar's army had drove them here, burned down their buildings and forced them to escape. "They' re butchering us, demolishing our buildings and violating our women," a young man commented. They say the army has placed landmines off the shore to prevent any of them from going back to Myanmar.

Sometimes despairing family in Bangladesh make sure that ships are run over and groups are picked up. The majority of fishers will not run the risks of loosing their livelihood and possibly going to prison or being detained by Myanmar's dreaded Forces. Featuring some very young kids and infants all poised on this threadbare, home-made float, the house will try to get to Bangladesh by canoeing their way there.

It' s hard to see what further proof the outside community needs to convince of the barbarism of what is happening in Myanmar. Throughout the country, several hundred thousand rural refugees have flocked to Bangladesh. It' s farthest from the country's frontier and there are tens of Myanmar's army control posts that block their way.

A fisherman must scream and fight back the ones we left on the shore to prevent them from stomping and capsizing the vessel. We' re led to the ship by the skipper. He' s keen to go before our attendance is brought to the attention of Myanmar's nearby camp.

The group climbs onto the ship in a chaotic manner. Well, the skipper said there was room for about 15 of them. At the end of the day there are about 30 grown-ups, kids and infants on the plane, squeezed together and taking up every available area. We can see the Bangladesh candles a few hour later.

He is anchored far off the coast and pushes his crew to get off the ship quickly. It does not want to be detained by Bangladeshi border guards who have destroyed fisher men's vessels when they capture them with people onboard. In a few-minute walk, everyone got off the ship and went towards the beaches.

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