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Myanmar News Update

One of Mytel's managers informs about the current campaign. Breaking News about Myanmar updated and published on Zee News. Moslems and what's going on in Burma? On Wednesday Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein gave an update. Alerts for volunteers - Newsletter - Action Alerts.

News from Rohingya

Are the Rohingya ever coming home? Myanmar's International Committee of the Red Cross has expressed doubt about Myanmar's return. Malaysians have taken in Rohingya migrants, but they do not receive any official documents and stay stateess. 13 military officers identified by Amnesty International for supposedly playing a part in the crime against Rohingya's people.

Maung Maung Soe, already under US sanction, headed the violent attack on Rohingya. In Bangladesh's "world's biggest refugee camp", Rohingya survives Kutupalong is home to one million Rohingya escapees who have escaped the disastrous Myanmar war. Severe rainfall causes mudslides, killing at least 12 persons in an area with around one million migrants.

Since February there have been preparatory work to prevent floods and mudslides, but tens of millions are on their own. Right-wing groups are warning against overloaded Rohingya warehouses that are not prepared for the season of monsoons and cyclones. The ICC' s rulings in the Rohingya case could have an impact internationally.

In spite of the bad livelihoods, many of those fleeing the violence in Myanmar are still thankful for their security. This treaty requires a co-operation frame leading to a "voluntary" and "safe" refugee repatriation. ICC can and should bring Myanmar's government to justice for the crime they perpetrated against the Rohingya.

The UN anticipates that 25,000 infants will be given birth in May-June after 700,000 Rohingya escaped from Myanmar last year. The Rohingya fighters'killed dozens of Hindu villagers' right group says Rohingya insurgents murdered as many as 99 Hindu village people in a single date in August last year.

The Myanmar crisis: PM Bangladesh in Rohingya Speech

Bangladesh's premier has called on Myanmar to take back tens of millions of Rohingya Muslims who have escaped Rakhine state. When visiting a shelter for refugees, Sheikh Hasina called on Myanmar to look at the human condition and said that countless virgin human beings are suffer. About 370,000 Rohingyas have passed the line since the beginning of the last months war.

Myanmar's Myanmar Armed Forces says it fights Rohingya fighters and disputes that it is directed against the civilian population. However, many of those who have escaped say that forces reacted to the Rohingya fighters' attack on August 25 with a violent drive of force and burning of villages to drive them away. Bangladesh authorities say Myanmar's armed forces have recently started planting new landmines - a claim contested by Myanmar authorities.

Rohingyas, a stateless, mostly Islamic minorities in the Buddhist Rakhine group, have long been persecuted in Myanmar, saying they are unlawful migrants. In Bangladesh there are already several hundred thousand Rohingyas who have escaped earlier violent attacks in Myanmar. Both of the formal shelters are full and the relief organizations say that the newcomers urgently need nourishment, housing and health care.

These are Myanmarites. They stay there for centuries. "Bangladesh's premier said her land would give refuge to Rohingya until Myanmar takes her back. While condemning the fighters for their roles in the conflict, she said that the Myanmar administration should have treated the conflict more patients.

Since the 1970', Rohingya groups from Myanmar have been coming to Bangladesh in the form of wavemar. Some 32,000 recorded fugitives are living in the two formal refugee centres, but more than 300,000 Rohingyas were in Bangladesh before this last outbreak. In Bangladesh, it says that their attendance burdens community assets, raises criminality and keeps visitors out in the Cox's Bazar area.

Burma is increasingly critical of the Rohingya crises and there have been demonstrations in several Muslim states. The White House issued a declaration calling on Myanmar's forces to "respect the state under the rule of law, end domestic violence and stop the expulsion of civil people from all communities". However, China said that the multinational fellowship should "support Myanmar's attempts to secure the stabilization of its state.

Myanmar's State Department greeted declarations by the UN and other nations that "strongly condemned the acts of terrorism" and said that the forces were ordered to show "all due restraint" while working to re-establish peace.

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