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Myanmar News Today Video

Human Rights Watch said today Rohingya villages near the border with Bangladesh. Today, donate to Zakat to stop the brutal rape of the Rohingya in Burma. Ruthless killing of Muslims in Burma shame on all world leaders. Thumbs. That boy is from the Wa tribal group #Myanmar #burma, which I have taught to many Wa boys.

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videotape: Encounter with the Rohingya returnees desperately trying to escape from Burma.

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So what's going on in Burma?

Several hundred demonstrators demanded an end to the murder of Rohingya Muslims in Burma at a demonstration outside the Bullring mall in Burma. As a result of what the UN calls racial cleanup and homicide, 400,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled from Myanmar (Burma) to neighboring Bangladesh.

So what's going on in Burma? More than 400,000 Rohingya who have escaped their houses over the past three week in what the UN calls racial purge have overcome Bangladesh. Burma's leaders say several hundred people have been killed, mostly "terrorists", and 176 of 471 Rohingya communities have been left.

Myanmar has been insisting that Rohingya rebels and escaping village people destroy their own houses. Rohingya people have been subjected to harassment and discriminatory treatment for centuries in the vast majority of Buddhist Burma and are not granted nationality, although many of them have been living there for generation. They say that there is no such race as Rohingya and that it is Bengals who have emigrated to Burma Illegal.

The Rohingya was persecuted for many years by the vast majority of Burmese Buddhists, where they are refused nationality.

In the last two wards, an estimate of 370,000 people have crossed the Bangladesh frontier to seek refuge in poor shelters.

In the last two wards, an estimate of 370,000 people have crossed the Bangladesh frontier to seek refuge in poor shelters. Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited a camp on Tuesday when no resolution to the spreading human rights crises was in prospect and called on Burma to take back tens of millions of Rohingya Muslims.

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