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Southeast Asia News. provides you with this daily summary. Today there are too few success stories and too few happy endings in this world. Myanmar's millions of Muslims today are deeply concerned about the violence in Rakhine. Deliveroo today opened its first joint kitchen in Paris.

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Rahim Muddinn observed for four whole working hours, astonished as the state papers of Myanmar released inserts showing Rohingya Muslims who have been charged with being almost 250 photographs of every single night. It hit at a low level at a depth of 10 km (six miles) about 40 km (24 miles) western of the city of Phyu and 176 km (110 miles) northeast of Yangon.

Mr Rakhine was thrown into conflict last August after a string of clan-based roundups that murdered at least a decade of officers triggered a violent bombing that sent some 650,000 Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh.

Myanmar is not talking about.

If you look from Yangon, you never know that there has been a great human rights problem in Myanmar's west Rakhine for more than a months. Over half a million Rohingya Muslims have escaped across the Bangladesh frontier since militias assaulted policemen and triggered a mass repression on 25 August.

There has been increasing urgency from the authorities in Burma to end the fighting, tackle the Rakhine insecurity and provide humani y acces. No one here uses the word Rohingya. Some in the press have even described them as "Bengali Muslims" and as Bengali illegals from Bangladesh. Either when I mentioned the subject of Rohingya did they either tell the truth or try to sugarcoat the subject by saying: "There are many other problems in this country".

"It is the policy behind the term[Rohingya]. You never said you were Rohingya.... You coined the word a few centuries ago," he said. "They[ Rohingya] do not form part of the ethnical minorities[of this country]. "Rohingya and others deny it. Whilst the global headline has been dominating the news for the past few months, the papers hardly ever mentions the hardship of Rohingya, who now lives in Bangladesh's shelters.

Instead, the military's accounts of Hindus soldiers supposedly murdered by Arakan Rohingya Salvation Military (Arsa) fighters have been given priority. the Rakhine question, the answer was right there. "From the outside, this subject is considered a sacred matter. It is an act of terror.

One of the students said: "The world is receiving false information about the Rakhine state. Since many of them were former Zimbabwean detainees who had been imprisoned for their support for humanitarian and democratic values, I had expected that there would have been a dissenting opinion on the Rohingya-question.

As a young democracies, I asked him, is it not Myanmar's duty to give equal treatment to all societies, Rohingya included? "When they take up terror, all the peoples of the earth should join together to eradicate it. "The Rohingya Muslim question has undoubtedly strengthened the backing of the vast majority in Burma for Aung San Suu Kyi, whose continued silent rhetoric on the matter has led to conviction from around the globe.

High-ranking UN officers have described the brutality against Rohingya Muslims as "ethnic cleansing" - an indictment rejected by the Myanmar administration. To where did the Rohingya flee? Burma has seen the massive excodus of humans. Soon after the seizure of the army in the 1960' s, she ordered ten thousand Indians to flee the state.

Indians had been living in Burma for hundreds of years, and many had been taken into the land by colonizers when the land was part of British India in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. More than 300,000 persons are thought to have been deported and their property and land nationalized.

Wondering if Yangon and the Myanmar press denied the brutality against the Rohingya Muslims. "Everybody is afraid and everyone is hesitant to raise this subject. Firstly, there is a safety concern if you go there[Rakhine State].

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