Burma News 2016

2016 Burma News

Newspaper agencies quoted a regional official who described the plan as "terrible". Sa 10 Dec 2016 03. 00 EST Last change on Fri 16 Dec 2016 02. Counterfeit news images add fuel to the fire in Myanmar after more than 400 deaths. In Burma there are about 1 million Rohingya, also known as Myanmar.

The Shan Human Rights Foundation's December 6, 2016 statement describes the torture and shooting of villagers in northern Shan State.

Burma wants Rohingya to be ethnically cleansed - UN officials

Burma is choosing the tribal purging of the Muslim Rohingya majority from its territories, said a high-ranking BBC UNofficer. The military have killed Rohingya in Rakhine state and forced many to escape to neighboring Bangladesh, says John McKissick of the UNRWA. Myanmar authorities say Rohingya are burning their own homes in North Rakhine State.

Rohingya, which number about one million people, are considered by many of Myanmar's Buddhist minority as irregular Bangladeshi people. By bowing to world pressures and launching a trustworthy inquiry into allegations of abuse in the state of Rakhine, Ms Suu Kyi is risking breaking her allies. Whilst there are noisy appeals for trade from abroad, most Burmese have very little understanding of the Rohingya.

The" evacuation operations" of the military against the" violence-stricken " of the state Rakhine seem to find great public backing, whereby Ms Suu Kyi is exposed to very little internal political pressures. She said that "desperate people" crossed the line in search of security and protection and asked Myanmar to "ensure the Integrity of its border". Since at least the 1970', rawingya-refuged persons and asylums have been coming to Bangladesh in the form of ripples from Myanmar.

At the beginning of this month, Human Rights Watch published satellites showing that more than 1,200 houses in Rohingya towns have been destroyed in the last six months. So what happens in the state of Rakhine? A number of civil servants accused a group of Rohingyas militants of the terrorist acts. Rachingya campaigners say that more than 100 persons were murdered and incriminated.

They are also charged with serious violations of fundamental freedoms, which include tortures, rapes and killings, which have been firmly rejected by the state. And the Rohingya? Rohingya, an estimated one million Muslims, are regarded by many as irregular immigrants from Bangladesh, especially in Buddhist Myanmar. Though many have been living there for generation after generation, they are not granted nationality by the state.

In Bangladesh, probably several hundred thousand unrecorded Rohingya are living after having abandoned Myanmar for many years. It'?s the government's fault? Right-wing groups have wondered why reporters and helpers are not permitted to travel to the north of Rakhine.

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