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An interfaith coalition against genocide in Burma. Cristian News - Kachin Majority Group before Chase in Myanmar | World | News Burma's army is aggressively assaulting a growing number of Christians who are afraid of being "ethically cleansed" by the regime. The rebel forces of Tachin have said that every eighth of their populace has been expelled by the war. Burma's tribe has been struggling for freedom since 1948, when Burma became British-owned.

"When they see Kachin men, they try to murder us and violate them." UN has asked the agencies to stop rejecting abuse cases in Kachin.

Crime against the Rohingya

This is no longer "business as usual", the conclusion of the IDC. The United Kingdom can no longer do ³cbusiness as usual³d in its interaction with Burma in the face of atrocities, the Rohingya racial purge and ongoing attack on other nationalities. MEPs of the Committee on Development say in a report released today that the UK's policies and terminology on Burma need to be changed in reaction to a regimes that has conducted conscious, state-sanctioned racial cleansings with disastrous repercussions for the Rohingya, Bangladesh and the world.

It urges the United Kingdom and its associates to seek assistance in bringing cases before the International Criminal Court and to impose specific fines on those responsible. The Burmese authorities must recognise and recognise that there are implications for such atrocities.

MP Stephen Twigg, chairman of the committee, said: "Myanmar must recognize that there is a bill for the action of the Burma military and the failure of the Burma administration and people. Drastic changes in the Burma political climate must bring about drastic changes in British politics. Great Britain should redirect its assistance and developing programs in Burma.

DFID's present priority was formulated with great hope at a de facto president, at a moment when Aung San Suu Kyi, a liberated Nobel Peace Prize laureate and politician, became president, but the administration must now recognize that she is becoming part of the issue. UK tax payers must be certain that their funds will not be used to subsidize a regime charged with committing acts against people.

We request that DDFID present and verify all the United Kingdom's funding obligations in Burma, as well as those of multilateral organisations. In spite of the challenge facing Bangladesh, the Committee praises the agencies and community that have provided refuge for the Rohingya population. It is already one of the most populous nations in the whole wide globe and is home to 21 million refugees who live in severe destitution and are at risk of suffering as a result of disasters.

The study has shown that DFID's work is continuing to make invaluable contribution to Bangladesh's success. MEP Stephen Twigg added: "During our trip to Bangladesh we were impressed by the calmness and trust of the crowd we encountered, the work we saw and the places we were in.

DFID's and BRAC's strategic relationship with Bangladesh, Bangladesh's own and the world's largest research and education institution, should be explored to share the benefits and learnings of their relationship.

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