Burma new year 2016

New Year 2016 Burma

Myanmar Water Festival 2016 will be celebrated from 14 to 17 April. This festival marks the beginning of Burma's New Year. Chinese and Myanmar people celebrate the New Year in Yangon. The Thin Gyann Water Festival in Burma's New Year is in April. I wish all our compatriots and people all over the world physical and mental health for this New Year.

Tradition and history: The Burmese New Year Festival

Every year from April 13 to 16, the Buddha celebration of the Buddhism of Thingyan takes place on four to five dates, climaxing on New Year's Day of the Moon. Thinkyang goes back to a Hindu legend. So Thagya Min ordered Ganesha's skull to be worn by one print after another, alternating for a year at a time.

Thingyan' s evening before is the beginning of a series of devotional events. Thingyan' s real date is known as a-kya no, the date on which Thagya Min, King of Devas, descends from his heavenly dwelling place to the ground. In a metaphorical way, the irrigation of our waters should "wash away" the sin of the past year.

For the big towns, the silvery shell was substituted by horticultural tubes, waterballoons, water guns and even fire-fighters. Native people, young and old, take to the street and splash each other with fragrant mist. Buckets of fresh air are raining like a mountain of monsoons, while everyone is sunbathing with laughs, cheering and good wish.

Thuringyan ceremonies here are more tradition and many of the ancient culture traditions are still very much alive. Many of the old traditions are still there. However, once you get used to the old fashioned ambience, Burma's charms are compelling.

Burma Water Resistance (Thingyan)

The Myanmar Waters Festival is held every year from 13 to 17 April at the end of the warm and arid seasons with events such as prayer for tranquillity in a pagoda, Buddha baths and a subsequent meeting in the street instead of New Year's greetings.

Several merits such as the release of caught fish and fowl as well as festivals are given to religious in the period of the feast. The New Year's Water Feast in Myanmar is also known as Thingyan Fest, which is the most important public celebration of the Myanmarese. As a rule, the event lasts three to five nights and is also performed in the neighbouring Theravada Buddhist nations of Southeast Asia such as Songkran in Thailand and Laos, Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia.

This is a celebration where different shapes of spectators squirt together, such as jars of potted hot air, sprayed jets of hot air onto the cane, and so on. Powerfull waters can be sprayed on humans by vehicles and lorries. To wish good fortune and good fortune to all the unfortunate and sinful events of the past year, a large hose and a tap were put on the attendees to sprinkle on them.

They all took part in the event, kids use guns to keep their boyfriends, family and all kinds, only the friars, expecting mothers and older persons are sure. When you get soaked in the sea, you go under the heats of the warm rays to get your clothing out. Myanmar's big towns such as Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and even the administration capitol Naypyidaw have the liveliest and most solemn atmoshere. Even high-ranking civil servants absorb the ambience of the event with souls.

Myanmar Water Festivals 2016 will be held from 14 to 17 April. Burma's nation is getting ready for the most important and holy feast of the year. There is a large selection of Myanmar trips and holidays in 2016 awaiting you. If you would like to get inspired by our examples of Myanmar or tell us your preferred accomodation, group sizes and travelling times, we will help you create a one-of-a-kind Myanmar route for you.

These are some great Myanmar Water Festival events in recent years, awaiting more in 2016.

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