Burma new name 2010

Myanmar new name 2010

A new country name ('Union of Burma'), no flag change. It is likely that the NLD will win the most seats in the new parliament. It has become the official name of the country: However, Burma is not only a fascinating country, but also a country that will play an increasingly important role in Asia's future. Shall tourists return to Burma? from The Guardian, 15 February 2010.

A new flag flies in Burma

There is a new junta-designed banner waving across the nation for the first in 36 years since Burma's former governing Socialist Program Party modified its 1947 independent banner in 1974. The old banner was exchanged at 3:00 pm on Thursday in the nation's capitol, Naypyidaw, and at 3:33 pm in Rangoon City Hall, according to domestic resources.

Under the 2008 junta-backed constitution, the new banner will embody the Republic of Myanmar (Burma) and add a third banner to the postcolonial South East Asia nation's past. It was a controversial topic during the National Convention that drew up the 2008 Constitution, especially among representatives of national minorities who said that the flagging symbolised more of a unified nations than a federation.

In the past, the two Burmese independence banners symbolized "equal opportunities in the Union" with ethnically minority representative celebrities, a big distinction in the new banner designs. At the National Convention in September 2007, a new banner was suggested. At the end of the 14 years of the National Assembly (1993-2007), the present logo was revealed in four colours - blue, orange and amber. The colours are blue, orange and orange with a small square in the middle.

Greens symbolize tranquillity and tranquillity as well as Burma's lush countryside; yellows show support; reds symbolise bravery and determination; and whites symbolise a solid unity. A number of commentators said that the banner is similar to the Ghanaian one. The anticolonial, pre-war front of the We, Burmese, Association used a banner with a pepper in the middle.

The Burmese Independence Army and the Japanese Ba Maw-led government used the three-color banner with a red pepper as the Burmese state flagg. However, I think the new banner is pretty nasty, and it seems like the banner from another country," said a 22-year-old NGO employee in Rangoon. atcharian Wrote:

It' such an unpleasant banner, but it is perhaps a symptom of the state of the country: dirty, unlawful and Chinaman! Burma: I don't think the new banner hurts anyone, nor does it invalidate the Union of Burma. have their own views on the definition of the colours of the flag. And they also change the name of the land and some of the cities:

Myanmar, Rangoon to Yangon, May Myo to Pyin Oo Lwin, Haka to Hakha etc. Khunkavgg wrote: Burma's army has plagiarized the Ghana and Lithuanian flag. The Myanmar Patriots wrote: This is Thomas Wrote: Male and female Patriots know that the true mind of Myanmar/Burmese (derived from Brahmah, not Bamar) is in the heart of the Shan.

Myanmar monarchs marry women of the nobility. Shaan Lorns (chiefs or Sawbwas/Saophas) were part of the Myanmar monarchic system. Thibaw (bastard, literally) was the last of the monks who had an attachment with the Sawbwa von Thibaw's daugther (Thibaw Sawbwa as known in Myanmar, Hsipaw Saopha in Shan). The daugther was engaged to Mind-on.

In fact, Mindonmin's finger was led to Thibaw's name while Mindonmin lay on his deathbed. Due to the massacre, Burma's only clean regal genealogy is the Schwewbomin II clan, which has decided to go into bankruptcy. www.pgmt.org/patrons. Noyi Nyi wrote: It is only a mediaeval act of the superstitional Than Shwe, who, like an ancient empire in the twenty-first century, was the first to make a banner-shift.

When it comes to the flags appearance, it stands for the army and therefore it is in the centre and the stars are mainly in the leaf. Lithuanian flags, but without the whites in the centre. Burma's new banner is not a banner representing the state.

There is nothing that represents ethnical groups because all tribes are purged by the regimes. NYUNT wrote: Yes, it's not extraordinary. May the Shan be lucky as it looks like their banner. When the junta uses a pea in the banner, it will be very emblematic and liked by many of us in Burma, although some races don't like it.

The Myanmar Patriots wrote: There is NOT really a new one. It' the modificated versions of the Burmese patriotism that represent Burma, the true Burma: The yellow stands for Buddhism, the greens for the peasants who are in the minority and for the courageous troops who are defending the state of Burma - in other words, independence.

Peacock means monarchy, not only the royal emblem, but also the emblem of all Myanmar: the royal emblem is the personification of all human beings/subjects. Fine.... it is the state. Saawpyaj Naythorn wrote: "I don't like this new flagg. Being Burmese, this new banner means nothing to me. If Burma gets democracies, we'll use the former one, not the one.

Mr President, I deplore the loss of the country's stunning heritage, the Burmese flags, although they were drafted by the notorious BSPP. than the new one: Birbycas Wrote: It is very similar to the lithuania banner. Irishman Phi Wrote: In my view, the colors on a banner and the icons mean nothing unless there is a modification along with it.

Myanmar has a new banner now, but will the humans they hoist be new? They represent the army regimes that rule the land forever. And Panglong wrote: I can' t see it's even nasty! It feels more like "When did the SSA beat them (Military Junta)" and hoist their flags there.....

Instead of saying "it seems like the flags of another country", "why don't you just say it's like one of the military units of the Anti-Naypyidaw, SSA (Shan State Army)? As Natshinnaung wrote: For Than Shwe, this new banner may have a significance, but it has no significance at all. Someday our democratic leaders will do this and it will be our real banner, not yet this one.

is still called Burma. The Burmese are the only ones who can determine the destiny of their land. may liin wrote: There are two groups of flags: the old one for the nation and the new one for the army june.

Neither will the Burmese people be happy with the new banner. This means that there can be no CDU/CSU in the foreseeable distant future. k. brang wrote: "I don't see why the junta want to wipe out the old Burma flags of theU. Indeed, the old one is more significant and significant for the character of the Burmese people.

I' ll wager the new banner won't give the good fortune to the state.

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