Burma new Capital

Myanmar's new capital

Only a few people visit Myanmar's new capital Naypyidaw, although the government claims it has a million inhabitants. Great changes have taken place in Burma lately. The JPG laboratory is located in Nay Pyi Taw, Burma's new capital. Burma's new capital. The former capital Rangoon is now known as Yangon.

Myanmar's new capital: Long distance, complex and taboo

NAYPYIDAW, Myanmar - The woodlands of trees and sugar cane that once surrounded the rolling hill have been displaced by huge administrative structures, streets so long and even that they look like airstrips and a huge building site identified by a plaque that can be seen as a symbol for the school: a symbol of the project:

"Parliament-level area. "Naypyidaw is Myanmar's new capital, secretly constructed by the governing general and unveiled to the general population two and a half years ago. Nine hours of driving just off the former capital Yangon looks like nothing else in this poor land where one in three kids is undernourished, and travellers appreciate the perforated sidewalk because many streets are nothing more than fieldways.

Naypyidaw's workmen build multi-storey, flower-decorated public spaces. Entrance is $10 for aliens and one-tenth for Myanmarese. The move to Naypyidaw would be easily written off as the arbitrariness of the mysterious general who has been in government for 46 years. They are inappropriate even for the most charity monitors in Myanmar's junta. What do you mean?

Colonels are living and working in a protected area of Naypyidaw, which is off the grid for all but higher-ups. Last months cyclone Nargis flooded the Irrawaddy Delta with wind speeds of up to 250 kilometres per Hour, killing some 130,000 lives and damaging many Yangon facilities.

However, the gendarmes and officials in Naypyidaw only felt like a heirloom. "Shari Villarosa, the top-ranking US official in Yangon, said, "They really believe, and they have long thought, that we are plotting an insane outbreak. Myanmar's citizens ask regular visits from foreigners if the United States has any plan to turn off the tour.

In May, when English, French and American battleships were sailing off the Myanmar coastline to help the casualties of the clone, at least one West German message in Yangon was receiving telephone call from enthusiastic people. Myanmar's International Labour Organization agent Steve Marshall says the military also was afraid of an enemy attack when the vessels that have since departed the coastline were deployed off the shore.

Maybe the general organised Naypyidaw like a live business directory because of their army-disciplines. Goverment bureaus, constructed with local traditions of Burma and Soviets, are located in one area. On top of a mound a gigantic silhouette is constructed, the dimensions of which can only be reached by the parliament group. Myanmar's army regime does not have a seated parliament, so once the edifice is finished it can stand empty for a while.

This does not mean that Myanmar's people are not represented in Naypyidaw. Naypyidaw, which in Burmese means capital of royalty, is far from the most important centres of the country's populace, but it is not completely insulated. Located 16 kilometres from the small town of Pyinmana, it is close to the major highway and railroad line between Yangon and Mandalay, the former capital of the King further North.

However, it is far enough away that most Peruvians did not know it was being constructed until it was formally opened in November 2005. "You were building in secret," said a physician who lived in Pyinmana. Chinese engineering, which has a relatively strong connection with Myanmar's leaders, is also assisting in the construction of a huge hydropower plant on the Paunglaung River to power the new capital.

Naypyidaw is said to have been constructed by the Naypyidaw administration with proceeds from the sales of wood, precious stones and natura. Last year Myanmar got $2. 7 billion from Thailand for methane, which is conducted from the Andaman Sea and holds the lights in Bangkok. Naypyidaw's overall construction costs remain a puzzle, but Sean Turnell, an economist for Burma with Macquarie University in Sydney, says the consensual estimates are $4 to $5 billion.

There is a situation in a yearly per capita GDP of $280 - less than 80 eurocent per daily. In one of these countries, groups of the opponents say the funds could have been better used. Officials have two links to a large playground and the large sanctuary, which would not be out of place in Singapore or Sacramento.

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