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Myanmar Net; From: mashwe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Date: MM: Internet democracy threatens Burma (fwd) To: Indo-Burma Hotspot in tropical Asia is one of the biologically most important regions of the world. The Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma is a regional network committed to lobbying, campaigning and capacity building to build a free and democratic Burma. The Burmese democracy movement's global network of activists, organizers and supporters uses this information to inform the international media.

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We have a complete restaurant card for you to look through and our luncheon-card. You can call (703) 444-8510 and order today, or come in and try a few things on the meallist! As soon as you have had the opportunity to look through our comprehensive meal list, you are welcome to go to the reservations page, make a booking or call (703) 444-8510 and make a telephone booking-enc.

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This site contains information about them, touristic sites, messages, entertainment, religions and much more. About the Burma Project. Myanmar and the Worlds, Law, News, Economy, Cards, Facts, Statistics, Publications, Public Relations, Public Relations, Public Relations, Public Relations, Humanities. MyanmarNet Post. This is an online paper about Burma. Centre for Burma-Study. Burma Study Centre.

Published Journal of Burma Studies, organizes a two-year colloquium. Burma Committee for Democracy, Sydney, Australia. Burma. Liberate Burma. Information on education in Burma, the democratic movements, people' s right, AIDS epidemics, women' s affairs, documentation, references. Burma Free Coalition. A global organization committed to the cause of Burma's liberty and democrat.

Latest messages, members & organisations, education material. U.S. campaign for Burma. Committed to enabling grass-roots militants around the globe to stand up for fundamental freedoms and put an end to the Burmese army regime. Burma Free Coalition Network. Messages, considerations, legislation, ressources, photographic archive, members. Short bio, backgrounds, interview, talks, messages from Burma.

Campaign Burma UK. A prizewinning organization dedicated to promoting Burma's citizens hip, democratic, and developing people. League of Burmese Womens. Formed to enhance women's involvement in the fight for Burma's democratic and humanitarian values. Liberty in the world: Myanmar & U.S. Congress.

Legal information about Burma. U.S. assistance for democracy and human rights in Burma. Declarations of Principles, Legislation/International Assistance, State Department Human Rights Report, Penalties Review. The BAPS is an organisation of Burmese academics, engineering, professors, technical experts and student workers. American Burmese Buddhist Association.

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