Burma Neighbouring Countries

Myanmar Neighbouring Countries

Ethnic Diversity Opium Trade. Travel reports from Assam, Burma, Bootan, Affghanistan and the neighbouring countries....

. Consequently, millions of people from these minority groups have become internally displaced in Burma or refugees in neighbouring countries. Myanmar's (Burma) military history spans a millennium and is one of the main factors that have shaped the history of the country and to a lesser extent that of its neighbours. Journeys in Assam, Burma, Bhutan, Afghanistan and the neighbouring countries / William Giffith.

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Visit and explore the mysterious countryside of Burma and its exceptional inhabitants. Myanmar continues to be an unaccompanied, mysterious place, a magical wonder for everyone but the few happy ones. Myanmar is a wonderful place where, despite the difficult politics, the natives welcome the visitor with humiliating heat and generousness. Thaiairways (0844 561 0911; thaiairways.co.uk) has the best flying times: departure from Heathrow at 12.30 pm, arrival to Yangon at 8.50 am; travel in 15h.

Similar rates are available with Singapore Air (020 8961 6993; singaporeair.com), a 20-hour trip via Singapore and Malaysia Airlines (0871 4239 090; malaysiaairlines.com), an 18-hour trip via Kuala Lumpur. Airways Qatar (0333 320 2454; qatarairways.com) operates flights from Heathrow to Yangon via Doha with return flights from around 600 pounds/day. The connection hours can be long at lower tolls.

Transfers between Mandalay or Yangon airport and downtown can take between 30 and 90 min. according to use. There are now three shore transitions from Thailand to Burma for tourist use. Mae Sai to Tachileik, which connects Chiang Rai with Kengtung, although you have to continue flying to Yangon or Heho to Inle Lake.

Situated six hour southwest of Chiang Mai, the Mae Sot-Hpa An passage seems to be used by busses, but I could not confirm this yet. It is a full days trip from Hpa An to Yangon by car. Approximately five hrs southwest of Bangkok and 50 mi from Kanchanburi the Htee Khee to Phu Nam Ron reaches the Myiek Penninsula, although it is another five hrs on bad streets to the harbour of Dawei and a very slowly street towards N to Myiek.

This itinerary can be used by Selective Asia (01273 670001; selectiveasia,com) to organise road and driving trips from Bangkok to Yangon. There' s also a cruise from Ranong to Kawthaung, which is used by yachting firms like Burma Boating (burmaboating.com) to explore the Myiek-Archipel.

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