Burma Neighbouring Countries

Myanmar Neighbouring Countries

and Bangladesh. The extension to neighbouring countries Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar will offer an excellent mix of cultural differences between India and its neighbours. Myzoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur share their borders with Burma. Myanmar and Asia's new crossroads. One of the features that distinguishes cross-border trade between India and Myanmar from trade with other neighbouring countries is the introduction of a barter system.

Myanmar - the far neighbor

There is no question that Burma is a distant land. However, Burma is also a land that directly affects us, not only in the past. Now more than ever, Burma will be in the fate of our leaders when the United Nations Security Council decides on a mandatory Burma resolutions.

According to the Burma administration, information about Burma could only be obtained through tourist agencies: Myanmar, the home of the gold pagoda and smile. 1989 the regimes resolved to rename the city: the English name: "The name of the place was changed: Yangon became the youngest capitol Rangoon and the nation itself moved from Burma to Myanmar.

By taking this move, the regime asserted that it was abandoning the old folk traditions. Rather than prefer a concept once used by the Burmese people, it would promote the uniting of all minority groups - a desired concept in a land of almost 50 million people and an estimated 100 nationalities.

However, this supposedly uniting move is not convincing, because the new name" Myanmar" still has its origins in the Myanmar dialect and is not as impartial as it claims, above all it is not a compromise to the minority with their own tongues. In a similar way, the government depersonalized by substituting the face of the nation's protagonist and tyrant Aung San, the founder of Burma's independent status from the occupying Japan and colonial Britain, with the legendary beacon.

Today's powerful person and certainly no less a grievous spine in the regime's eye is Aung San Suu Kyi, Aung San's sister and founder member of the National League of Democracy, NLD. Later, the army rule approved free election, on the assumption that the new State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) would draw constituents looking for stabilization.

Uglylyly astonished by the will of the nation, the generals declined to surrender control. Aung San Suu Kyi has remained under home detention for most of her engagements. She and her homeland were largely unfamiliar to the rest of the rest of the world until she was nominated for the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize by former President Václav Havel of Czechoslovakia.

Speaking for non-violent means to bring peace and better livelihoods for her compatriots, Aung San Suu Kyi often stresses the importance of empathy and "loving kindness", a approach frankly based on Burmese Buddhism. The generals think of an increased influx of solid currencies when they speak about change. Burma's track record in terms of respect for fundamental freedoms remains one of the most serious.

There are innumerable issues where you have to be bribed to get what we believe to be our unquestionable prerogatives. In order to let your kids go to a better education, you expect a US$ 300 bis sheesh, while US$ 20 is enough for a regular one. Innovative practices in Burma go together with government controls.

There are only international newspapers in touristic resorts, and even there you may miss some critics about Burma that are thoroughly ripped out. Burma's development from homemade capitalist society over the past ten years follows two major lines: Many years ago, their superstitions even resulted in them issuing notes with such strange denominations as 45 or 90 Kyats - in the belief that they were numbers of happiness.

Today, Burma's opponents seem to be silently repressed, bullied or emigrated in jails, with few ventures of demonstrations or continued involvement within the state. When we speak about Burma, we must be conscious of our significantly different culture and antagonism. At this point it should be pointed out that this is not about a Euro-American concept of an" Asiatic democracy", since the Myanmar government is trying to call into doubt the rights of the West, even the duty to condemn and intervene.

Burma's population has indeed chosen liberty, tranquillity, self-determination and wellbeing. Let us be prepared to help one of the most afflicted countries in the whole wide globe, a help that begins as easily as opening your wink.

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