Burma Neighbor

Myanmar neighbour

Responses for Burma Neighbor Crossword Hint. Answers to the crossword hint: Burma Neighbors. Myanmar's first act is to ally with India and the Indian government is sending Burmese troops along its border with Pakistan. A controversial word is the answer in the majority of Buddhist Burma: the country has since shown loyalty to its Tibetan neighbours.

Myanmar Neighbor

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Myanmar and transnational crime - Liana S. Wyler

Organised trans-national groups of criminals in Burma (Myanmar) run a billion-dollar criminality sector spanning Southeast Asia. From time to time, it has sanctioned Burma's importers, stopped aid and credit from abroad, and kept US money out of the regime's grasp. If necessary, this file is up-dated.

Regarding further analyses of US policies towards Burma, see CRS Report RL33479, "Burma-U.S. Relations", by Larry A. Niksch.

Penalties that have been subverted by Burma's neighbors: UNITED STATES

ANGKOK - When Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the Burmai opposition, reviewed her own country's foreign policy and opened a discussion on its impact on the army regimes, a Washington based government office acknowledged that Burma's attempts to keep precious stones out of the US have failed. Precious stones such as Java and Ruby are among the key objectives of the United States and the European Union's commercial sanction against the Burma-run army junta. 2.

However, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) says: "US authorities have not shown that they are effective in controlling the import of Ruby, Jadeite and related pieces of jewellery of Myanmar origins. "A 49-page article that restricts trading in Burma's rubies and jadeite closes with an assessment of the 2008 JADE Act (Junta's Anti-Democratic Efforts). It also acknowledges that the US has failed to gain the backing of other gemstone related nations to curb Burma's trafficking.

"It is important to have firm backing and co-operation from China and Thailand to limit trading in these products, but most unlikely," the survey says. She said the US administration has not proposed a United Nations decision on gem sanctioning because "a number of nations are likely to resist a resolution".

Burma's neighbour Thailand continues to be an important supplier of ready-made ruby and yade jewellery to the USA and Europe, but is insisting that its produce - although often delivered to Burma as commodities - is essentially manufactured in Thailand and therefore not punishable. US approvals come as Washington's new Barack Obama presidential term signaled changes in Washington's policies towards the Burma regime, culminating in more positive talks and Suu Kyi's recent Rangoon meetings with senior West African embassadors to debate the impact of targeted sanctions. 6.

While many fighters for Burma's transition to democracy strongly advocate sanction as a means of punishing the regime, others claim that they only harm common people. "Burma's only noticeable effect of the penalties is that they have generally weakened the country's economic situation, and this stalemate has been felt by the entire population," former UK embassador to Thailand Derek Tonkin said this weekend.

Mr Tonkin leads the Myanmar network, a British initiative for peace and democratisation in Burma. "However, the complete lack of sanctioning in the area, particularly from China, India and Russia, has allowed the government and its pals to prevent significant or even quantifiable effects on themselves," Tonkin said.

Sean Turnell, another Burma specialist who monitors and evaluates the junta's operations, however, points out that the Myanmar government itself is to blame for the destruction of the country's economies and thinks penalties are a way to curb the generals' self-enrichment. To a certain extent, the Myanmar general is now being asked to put his hands on the table."

He is a lecturer at Macquarie University in Australia and co-producer of Burma Economic Watch. A EarthRights International (ERI) review last months emphasized the way the regime leader circumvents sanction. Yadana's leader has diverted $4.83 billion in revenue from the state government account to the industry giant Chevron and Total's operations of the Yadana natural gas fields, said ARI.

The fortification was mainly funded by Thailand, which is the only purchaser of Yadana and does not impose or endorse penalties as a member of ASEAN.

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