Burma National Costume

Burmese national costume

Theatre and dance in Thailand gave new impulses to Burma's performing arts. Unknown Burmese woman in national costume. Myanmar, Brunei, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos. A set of Asian couples in traditional costume. Burma's best-known traditional costume is the Longyi, which is worn by men and women throughout the country.

Best and Baddest of Miss Universe Myanmar's National Costume Contest

It is one of the most interesting parts of the pageants to observe the participants with their outfits. At the Gandamar Ballroom in Yangon the sixth Miss Universe Myanmar's National Costume Contest took place on August 25th. Please be aware that this contest is only a side contest that will not crown you Miss Universe Myanmar.

This was the third year in a row that I saw the contest. From 30 outfits I have chosen three best and three bad. That'?s by far my favourite costume. No wonder he won the formal contest, and I foretold - I said I had become an exper.

It had a nice little thing on it that seemed to have been shaped in cava. It touched my eye, because the dragonsheds seemed to be genuine. Brahmin Golden Duck is the tradional icon of the ethical mon. Like in Darren Aronofsky's film The Dark Sweep, in which Nathalie Portman interpreted a female ballerina who turns into a sweat on-set.

But instead of a deep blackened cloak, the costume is made of genuine golden threads. Feathered waistline, knee and ankle made her look like a true Golden Brahminy canard. Great Hornbill is the tradional icon of the ethnical Chin. This costume catches the characteristic colors of the bird: its monochrome nibs, the orange and amber beaks.

Wearing the sporty style clothes, Chin uses classic fabrics and accessoires. This costume is based on one of the Kayen ceremonies in August. Candidate should be a Kayen Spirit, supported by two sacrificial tablets. A Kayen frog drum, the Kayen's principal icon, was placed above their skull.

Kayen civilization is full and intriguing, but I have the impression that the designers did not live up to it. This costume looks chaotic and uninspired. The costume depicts the Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival, which takes place every year in Novenmbre. That costume gave her the charm of a grandma. This small heron that lands on an elephant's skull is the icon of the community of Mohnyin in the state of Kachin.

When I saw the costume, I was stunned. I think he could have just disguised her as an animal and put a fly on her head. No. Still it wouldn't have been good looking, but it would have ended up on my "worst" ranking, but maybe in second place.

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