Burma name Change to Myanmar

Myanmar change of name to Myanmar

Sailing, yacht charter and personal cruise in Myanmar & surroundings Is Myanmar or Burma worth mentioning? Up until 1989 the British name of Burma was the legal name its British colonizers had used for hundreds of years and was adopted even after gaining sovereignty. Burma's army government then in 89 chose to get away from the British place-holders' name, which had been adopted by the former colonists, and replace it with spelling that came close to Burma's accent.

Same thing occurred when India moved Bombay to Mumbai, Calcutta to Kolkata and so on. Today, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is the British name - and the rest of the word is still split over what name to use. Burma is a multi-ethnic and multilingual nation ruled by an ethnical minority, the Burmese.

Similar to Japanese, the Japanese has different variants that are used for different uses or for different people. Bama is the spelled name of his people in Burmese and Myanma is the literal one. It is important to know that the argument is only about the name.

Burma's government has not changed the name of the language and both are used in Burma. However, the Swiss flag still relates to the" Burma country". Critics of the name shift say that ethnic minorities have over the course of history adopted Burma as the British name for the entire nation, while Myanma/Myanmar has been seen as a pure ethnic name that reflects a politics of rule.

Most of those who wanted to criticize the country's army regimes generally declined to use the new name to express their condemnation, and not for linguistically. We' re sticking to Barack Obama's use during his 2012 landmark trip - and we're using both Burma and Myanmar!

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