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Myanmar is still very far advanced in tourism. tourismus in myanmar Burma is a wonderful land that has much to give to travellers looking for an exciting destination." There are long sandy areas, interesting ethnical groups, warmer, friendlier peoples, abandoned isles, gold sanctuaries, still untouched places of culture and many strange and uncommon things. "Burma is the last of the truly magic goals of the Orient," Philip Shenon in the New York Times writes, "a technicolour view of ancient Asia scented with sandalwood and condiments with sourginger.

This is the most religious Buddha country in the world, a country of glittering couples and hand-carved sand-stone stamps, cultivated by steamed, saffron-robbed friars. In the 2010-2011 financial year (April-March), according to government figures, 424,000 visitors came to Myanmar and the 570 owned and 160 guest houses had a combined room and board accommodation of only 24,692 rooms.

Conversely, neighboring Thailand, which has a similar climates and landscapes to Myanmar, has more than 4,000 properties and more than 19 million guests in the same year. Myanmar's overall number of tourist destinations in 2009-2010 was 300,000, compared to 255,288 in the previous year. Approximately 150,000 Myanmar tourist visits in 2007, half of them in 2006, a landmark year for Myanmar's population.

Myanmar's administration said that 500,000 international visits to the country in 2002, a number that was probably excessive because the government's figures are very suspicious. World Tourism Organization said the real number was more like 200,000, which includes embassies and business people, with 12,000 from the United States. That was 160,000 international attendees in 2000 and only 20,000 in 1994.

Approximately 1 million Chineses come to Myanmar every year. Since May 2010, travelers from all countries can request visas via Yangon and Mandalay Airport without consulting one of the world' s leading travelling agents. Both, the touristic and the commercial visas are 28 day and can be extended for another 14 day for tourists and 3 month for commercial traffic.

There was a decline in the number of travellers from Europe and the Americas in the 1990' and 2000' at various avenues. A number of them have been affected by boycotted tourist trips to Myanmar. You were not so prone to following Myanmar's tourist boycottes - or you had even known. In Myanmar during the riots, during the high tourist seasons, many places like the old Pagan buddhistic temple area were practically empty.

As this was happening, chefs and maids in hotels and diners as well as curious traders, travel agencies and artisans were losing their job or livelihood. Myanmar travel agents and staff have been instructed not to talk policy with non-residents. It is the duty of the hosts to give the lists of their patrons to the army secret service.

In general, the army is reserved in touristic areas and the troops are kind and supportive of travellers. In the 1990' and 2000', the Myanmar administration promoted travel as a way to make a living in a tough world. It was in the mid-1990s that the goverment started a drive to draw tourists. 1996 was declared the "Visit Myanmar Year".

" There were 34 properties under development, funded by funds from overseas investment and expatriates, and new streets were constructed with hard labour. "The Myanmar visit" was largely a failure. Burma's overdevelopment is one of its greatest attractions. Travelling in Burma is like travelling through the ages to a primal heaven that is not destroyed by too many cars, TVs, plants and bustling towns.

A way the Myanmar general got his hand in extraneous currencies was that overseas visitors had to convert $300 into Burma's FX coupon ( "FECs") when they stepped into the land, and they had to use FECs or US dollar to buy rail travel permits, rooms and other comforts. Overseas travellers who arrived at the airfield were also emboldened to register for $500, 10 days of government-sponsored trips, with much of the funding probably going to the gimbal.

Large properties that have been constructed by overseas guests must have a Myanmar sponsor. The Pagan was strangely designed and renovated, most of them not well. Approximately a thousand coupons were reconstructed by the state, many of them with new rose brick and resin.

Locals find them as hideous as tourists from abroad and have named some of the pages after the general they say they will get merits and magic from the game. The Myanmar administration began comprehensive restorations of Pagan in the mid-1990s.

A New York Times officer boasted that the Myanmar administration had done less than two years to restore 840 invaluable mural paintings and would have done it more quickly if they hadn't been all-colored. Some of the shrines have the name of the donators inscribed on the walls in red colour, over 800 years old.

The UNESCO worked in Pagan in the 1990', but has gone. It was not run by the Myanmar administration during its restauration surge. International funds are welcome - tourists are invited to donate - if they give enough, they get a guided visit to the pit stop, in the reconstruction of which they are involved - but no international knowledge.

Buddha give to make a living. "The tourist's no fool. "Restoration is nothing new to Pagan, a casualty of many flood ings, fire and earthquake over the years. "He said the commanders supported the restoration of a couch potato as a meritorious effort to show all of Burma and the rest of the planet that they were in charge.

Pagan is a lively Buddhist place for praying in the churches on the bank of the Irrawaddy River. "To Reuters, our administration appreciates and cultivates our country's rich culture," said Information Minister Brigadier General Kyaw Hsan. "Turning Pagan into a Disneyland is out of the question, of course," he said and fired reviewers who are doing everything they can to attract tourists.

The conservators could not see that the temple or stupa had the same layout, but their form and sizes differed greatly, giving Pagan its wealth of variety. "Myanmar's Archaeology Division has openly upheld the restoration. However, some within the division refused it in private and went to make more cash as a travel guide, said Mr. Poikhard/.

There are those who see the Pagan dispute as a conflict between West and East Asia on how best to protect civilization, peppered with a touch of Myanmar's fight with the West over his track record in terms of people' s lives and the imprisonment of policymakers. "said Oliver E. Soe Thet, General Director of the Pagan Hotel.

"Pagan is a vibrant culture," said Soe Thet, who added many of his visitors as Buddhist mothers. These are a reference to neighbouring Laos, where the old imperial capitol Luang Prabang has reconciled the needs of the tourist industry and conservation under the leadership of UNESCO. "The building, known as Monument No. 751, is one of several hundred new churches that have appeared throughout the antique town of Pagan, one of the most noteworthy places of worship in Asia, along with the Angkor Sanctuary in Cambodia.

Formerly the site of an overseas bailout, Pagan is now in jeopardy of becoming a sanctuary complex. Than Tun, the deceased Myanmar historic philosopher, named the conservation "Blitzkrieg-Archäologie". "Many of the sanctuaries were destroyed by a severe quake in 1975. As the then army regime adopted the idea of providing humanitarian aid, some of the world's leading conservation specialists spend years renovating some of the world's most important churches.

Large churches that were renovated after the earthquake are in good state. They refused to offer further overseas aid and finally abandoned their plans to declare Pagan a UNESCO heritage site, making it one of the most important archaeological places in the U.N. without protection as such. Instead, the administration ruled that the conversion of Pagan, also known as Bagan, into a traveler' s urgently needed moneys.

Colonels began to make the archaeological area more attractive to the public, especially to those from neighbouring nations such as China and Thailand who are less sensitive to the country's warlords. A first step by the Pagan people was to root up all 3,000 inhabitants who were living in the historical wall of old Pagan and take them to New Pagan a few leagues southwards.

" In the past, the houses were built, but the goverment started to build them. State archaeologists say that in private they have no other option but to go along. Most of the damages were in the medium-sized shrines, many of which were abandoned after the quake and then destroyed by successive restorations, said Pierre Pichard, one of the leading Pagan architects.

"Memorials have largely disappeared from their original character and individuality," said Mr Picchard, who worked intensively in Pagan after the 1975 earthquake and drafted an eight-volume catalogue of the memorials issued by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. "The construction of the Pagan government reminded us of the memorials that Mussolini erected during his dictatorship in Italy.

It is a felony to spend so much cash on these pointless homes in a land where most of us do not have a school for our kids, electricity, streets and other institutions. "For Myanmar's elites, Pagan has become a precious resource of good Karmas. Genials and high-ranking civil servants are among the biggest contributors.

In the Pagan Archaeological Department Bureau, officers have a shortlist of hundred ruined churches for reconstruction and a pricelist showing how much money the donators would have to give for each ruin. And the new sanctuaries would hide the footsteps of the old ones. State archaeologists confirm that no one knows what the initial structure was and say that their design is a conjecture predicated on other surviving edifices.

In order to make the new churches look more like a ruin, the tiles are covered with old milled brick of dark grey colour. "So the new masonry collides with the old look of the preserved temple, the new memorials appear like picked rose hens in the middle of the old shrines," wrote the US archaeologist Donald Stadtner in his new volume "Ancient Pagan, Buddhist Plain of Merit".

As well as their next-day rewards, the donators receive a badge in front of their recently constructed shrines. The Pagan reconstruction programme has done unreparable damage to the city. "Until 1990, Pagan was one of the best conserved places and culture areas in Asia, with a mix of country living where farmers, towns and well developed land surrounding the memorials without damage," said he.

I' m sorry for the cliché, but Pagan will be a Disneyland, and a very poor one. "The United Nations says to Myanmar that travel is an important resource for employment and forex. In the course of the years his wealth was strongly influenced by Myanmar policy. Mr Aung San Suu Kyi asked visitors to stay away from their land until the victory of democracies.

Humankind also asked visitors to stay away from the land. It was Lonely Planet who argued that the advantages of travel for the common Burmese would outweigh the effects of the funds that came into the possession of the army government. In 2007, the tourist industry was badly affected by pictures of troops who beat up and shot people.

Myanmar related agencies sometimes recommend travellers which hotel to spend the night in and which airlines to use in order to avoid aggravation. Anti-bycott activists who argue through independent trips by overseas travellers were able to do regulated business and maximize the good they provided to the normal Burmese. The advocates of the blacking out were mainly against massive tourist activity.

"Having a very big liner with literally a hundred tourist - that's a huge amount of cash for the government, and that's why we don't like such big deals," Win Tin, a Times mate of Aung San Suu Kyi, said. "Mr Win Tin said that the new policies had not been explicitly approved by Ms Suu Kyi, but he said that her silences in the embassies of the few people allowed to come and see her indicated that she was in support of the new policies.

Myanmar's chain of Myanmar owned Asian corporations such as Shangri-la Hoteles & Resources, which operates the Traders Hospitality, Singapore's Sedona Hoteles International and GHM Luxury Hoteles, a Myanmar owned business that operates the beaches in the city. Most of the few five-star properties outside Yangon are located in seaside resort or touristic centres such as Mandalay and Pagan.

However, as the number of Myanmar visitors increases, the authorities recognise a lack of shelter. "It' s a good idea for us to come and see Burma," said Vasant Prabhu, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Co. vice-president and cfo. "Burma, I think, is the interesting new occasion - a little like Vietnam 20 years ago.

" Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels' Middle East and Africa MD Jalil Mekouar, a hospitality investments manager, said Myanmar's tourist and hospitality industry is" gigantic" in view of its scenery, island and histori.... North and South America, Nancy Johnson, Carlson Hotels CEO and VP of Corporate Design, proposed that her business, whose Radisson and Country Inns & Suites are also interested in moving to Myanmar.

" Thailand-based hospitality groups see great opportunity in Myanmar but are not in a hurry to settle there as they are conscious of the risk of investment in a long and ambiguously legislated and corrupt state. "We' re looking for ways to grow in Myanmar. All we want to do is get in by running our own locally owned hotels," said Ronnachit Mahattanapreut, SVP at Central Plaza Hospitality, Thailand's fourth-largest publicly traded chain of hostels.

" Practitioner Chinamourphong, director of the Thai Hotel Association, which is representing some 800 Thai properties, among them the Mandarin Oriental, the Four Seasons, the Minor International Pcl, and Dusit Thani, said it would take at least two years for Thai chain stores to make a move. Yes, Myanmar is opening, but it's a little early for us to get in now," he said to Reuters.

" The number of Myanmar tourists arriving in 2013 has nearly tripled to 2 million. It is still a small part of the Myanmar local economies, but it is a rapidly developing part of the developing servicesector. However, not only the Thai travel industry is affected. Neighbouring Myanmar is also experiencing the cold. "Normally this is a very crowded touristic season," said Aye Mra Tha, an officer of Myanmar Airways International, the state-owned Burmese Newspaper Group.

It said that the number of travellers on Bangkok-Yangon routes decreased by 40 per cent (many of Myanmar's round-trip air services to the country's capitol are operated through Bangkok). Although fewer travelers are arriving in Myanmar, a number of Yangon-based tourist agents report that they are on anaemic trips to Thailand. The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Times of London, Lonely Planet Guides, The Irrawaddy, Myanmar Traveller Information Compton's Encyclopedia, The Guardian, National Geographic, Myanmar Traveller Information, The New Yorker, Time, Newsweek, Reuters, AP, AFP, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic Monthly, The Economist, Global Viewpoint (Christian Science Monitor), Foreign Policy, Burmolari.

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