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Myanmar Tourism

Myanmar - also known as Burma - was closed to the outside world for a long time. As part of the Myanmar Tourism Federation, it is mainly privately funded by key members of the Myanmar tourism industry. Myanmar Holidays now available from Explore Worldwide. Burma's mysterious country with its many tourist attractions leaves a deep mark on people's memories. Discover colonial Yangon, visit the temples of Bagan or relax at Inle Lake on a tailor-made tour of Burma.

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Is the unspoilt harbour in danger of increasing numbers of tourists?

Feeling uncynical in parts of Southeast Asia CAN be hard. There are, of course, so much more than their political parties in these lands, but unfortunately these areas have gained a reputation as hackneyed play areas for young westerns. Only a few years ago, Myanmar relaxed its borders and the number of tourists rose from 300,000 in 2010 to 4.7 million in 2015.

Myanmar's charm is instead in small, easy amusements - a single bicycle tour through lonely churches, a walk through the unspoilt mountain, a cruise at sundown in the huge water. But, if the number of tourists increases and the land goes through a time of fast changes, is this pristine port in danger?

Myanmar - also known as Burma - was for a long period locked to the outside underworld. Aung San Suu Kyi, the head of the country's pro-democracy movements, called on visitors to keep away, as her funds would flow directly into the countries then repressive masters. North Korea was the only nation that had less then.

In Myanmar, simple Myanmar simple smart card SIMs were only available on the supermarket and were priced up to AU$2000, leaving them in the exclusive control of the well-to-do. Wi-Fi has evolved from a practically non-existent to an ever-increasing number of cosmopolitan properties, commercial centres and dining establishments.

50, and according to The Brookings Institution, there are now more than 45 million subscribers in Myanmar. My stay in Myanmar was barely four week. However, perhaps the greatest difference between Myanmar and the remainder of the area is its drinkability - or the lack of it. Little tourist oriented pubs are gradually opening up to cheap drinks and beer, but they are not an important part of the country's night life.

It' s like the Myanmar population is still trying to figure out the best way to deal with and take advantage of the growing numbers of tourists. Entrance to Bagan and Inle Lake is $A25 and $A15 respectively. Whilst it is difficult not to perceive Asia as a changing US Dollars, Myanmar is much less so.

There were two locals who came with me one evening for a drink in a Yangon pub - and I am embarrassed to acknowledge that I was on my toes. WHERE' MYANMAR GOES NEXT? Can Myanmar stay an "untouched paradise" forever, or will its civilization give in to the increasing number of people?

This was the name of the interview with Wai Lin, a regional touring expert who works for the much-loved Southeast Asian backyard traveller. However, Wai Lin has reservations. Said increasing numbers of tourists are gradually negatively impacting the cultural and conservation lifestyles of the Myanmar population. At the same time, however, it offers significant financial advantages, especially for the population.

One of my guides, a warm-hearted and kind little August, did not agree with the worries about tourists who destroy their land - perhaps because all their interaction has been unbelievably good so far. A trip can earn up to $A400 without tipping - a large amount in Myanmar. Note that it is becoming increasingly hard to maintain sanctuaries and other historic places in towns such as Bagan and Mandalay, where he says that increasing tourist numbers have helped to damage them.

On Lake Inle, the ascent of global hotels threatens the area' s pristine beauties. Sands such as Ngapali in the western part of the state have similar difficulties. Until then, however, Myanmar will remain a jewel in the area. Burma - leave before it's too late. Myanmar.

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