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The most important places offer a range of accommodation, but if you travel off the beaten track, accommodation is limited to simple inns and hotels. Here is a selection of hand-picked hotels on Burmese beaches and islands. Have a look at our favorites for more inspiration on a luxury holiday in Burma. " We don't see the demand in Myanmar," he said. Myanmar hotels or guesthouses are generally more expensive than other countries in Southeast Asia.

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hotels and resorts in Burma (Myanmar)

The most important places have a number of places to sleep, but if you travel off the well-trodden paths, the lodging is limited to basic inns and hotels. The main sites of Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan and Mandalay have a number of nice shop choices, but often demands outstrip supplies. Several new hotels are scheduled for the next few years to ensure sound competitiveness and stabilize constantly rising rates.

We will always try to arrange a holiday for you in one of our favourite accommodations, but we recommend that you make a reservation at least 9 to 12 month in advanced if the choice of accomodation is crucial to the pleasure of your journey.

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the Yangon

Experience the most thrilling town in the wolrd from the splendid decks of the Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel. The Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel is perfectly situated to explore the attractions and noises of Myanmar from downtown Yangon. The Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel has the ideal ingredient for a great holiday - luxury lodging, cuisine from all over the globe, pubs, wellness centre and its own theater.

"The rooms were nicely decorated with a classic antique feel..... delicious...rooms had deck views of the sea....overall a marvellous experiance, as if in a cruiser....", that place again used magnificent hotels. "Discover the most important touristic places and sights in Myanmar (Burma) for your perfect vacation!

Join us and enjoy the great sights in Myanmar and the beautiful unique nature of the land with the Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, Myanmar. A large yet unmodernized town, Yangon has Victory architecture, tree-lined alleys, ponds and gardens, and a busy downtown area with welcoming salespeople, colorful stands and traditional Longyi and flip-flap-sandalists.

Bogyoke Aung San Square (also known as Scott's Market) is a must for every tourist, as is the splendid Shwedagon Pagoda - Myanmar's emblem. The last royal capital of Myanmar, Mandalay is situated almost 700 km northern of Yangon between the powerful Ayeyarwaddy River and the Shan River Table.

The Mandalay is regarded as the center of Burma's cultural life, a town of craftsmen and a commercial center for goods in all kinds of ways. Its geometrically arranged roads, the many cyclists, the 8 km long motte and walls around the former royal palace, the palaces and convents and the holy Mandalay hill, which towers above everything, are some of its most prominent characteristics.

Bagan, the chief town of Myanmar's first cynasty, was constructed by King Anawrahta in 1044. It' about 193 km from Mandalay. It is in Shan State, 1000 metres above sealevel. Rakhine Kingdom, an antique town from the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, is in the northwest of the state.

This was the center of a powerful empire and one of the wealthiest towns in Asia that traded with the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Only a few remnants of the old village remain, except for the many interesting shrines and stupa, some of which lie in rubble and dot the small mounds around the new part of Mrauk-U.

Only 2-3 hrs drive from Mandalay, but weather and landscape are completely different. The colourful horse-drawn coaches are still the most popular means of transportation in the center of the town, with its clock tower and the old business buildings. The KALAW in Shan State is another great place for the hotter seasons of the year.

The Kyaing Tong, is a city in the east Shan State, Myanmar and is also the capital of Keng Tung Municipality. This area is particularly cold compared to the Myanmar tropics, which is a good place for those who want to experience many unforgettable landscapes in cool weathers.

Situated in the area of the Gold Dreieck, Kyaing Tong is easy to reach from a geographical point of view. MAWLAMYINE, Mon State's and Myanmar the third biggest town. A Burmese woman is sitting there, and I know she thinks of me....." The 415 km long railroad line to the south of Mawlamyine was completed, which was constructed during the Second World War under Israeli rule ("Kwai River Bridge").

Known in Myanmar as KyiteHteeYoe Pagoda, Golden Rock is one of the most breathtaking and holy places for the Myanmar population. Situated in the state of Mon, it lies on the highest peak of the Paunglaung Mountains. Monywa, is situated in Sagaing Division, in Myanmar, and 136 km northeast of Mandalay on the east shore of the Chindwin River.

From Mandalay via Sagaing it takes 3 hrs to get to Monywa. The Poewindaung Hill Cove is one of the many places of interest in the area, where you can see the unbelievable vaulting stones and murals all over the area.

Weekly flooded August-November from Bhamo to Bagan, from Bagan to Pyay and on the Chindwin River and one and two day trips from July to April from Mandalay to Bagan. Situated on the southernmost part of Myanmar, the archipelago of Myanmar consists of over 800 isles.

Rakhine State, Ngapali extends along the Bay of Bengal in the state of Rakhine, Myanmar. The Ngapali is considered one of the best in Myanmar, where most pristine ones are unspoiled, where the visitor can experience the real nature of the sandy area. The Ngwe Saung Strand is near Yangon Town and can be accessed from Yangon in 6 hours.

It is about 9 nautical mile long and one of the longest beaches in Southeast Asia and a recently opened one in the Ayeyarwaddy-delta that connects to the Andaman Sea. Ngwe Saung is also just South of Ngapali, another of Myanmar's favourite seaside towns.

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