Burma must see

Myanmar needs to see

The places you can visit with the children in Burma are amazingly varied. Yangon, Colonial Architecture and Shwedagon Pagoda Do you plan to tour Myanmar this year? Now is the right moment to come and see Burma. Mythic scenery, old treasure and some of the kindest folk you will ever encounter. You will be thrilled, impressed and fascinated by gold-plated Buddha's in Yangon and the magic temple of Bagan to the tranquillity of Inle Lake, Burma.

Visiting Burma means experiencing the pulsating cultural, historic and rare sites of Southeast Asia. Become part of the Myanmar Discovery Tour and explore a little of Burma's magical beauty - a diversity of scenic beauty and historic artefacts such as iridescent falls, charming ponds, charming caverns, glittering shores, thousand-year-old gold floats and the incomparable civilizations of different nationalities.

Burma's six monuments of nature, history and culture are presented here. Those are the three things that initially blind your vision when you end up in Burma. It' the most important gate to Myanmar. The Yangon has one of the highest numbers of settlement houses in Southeast Asia erected during the UK domination of Burma, which ran from 1824 to 1948.

It is a magnificent place and cannot be missed when you visit the former Myanmar capitol. Burma's breathtaking visitor site is considered one of the miracles in the game. It is an antique town that presents the wealth of Myanmar's culture and makes the area one of the archeological centres not only of Asia but also of the rest of the know.

Most of the time, a pagoda is clad in red and decorated with religous sights that were erected more than 1,500 years ago, and it can be said that Bagan is the most remarkable place for those who come to Myanmar. In addition, the visitor can take an enchanting cruise on the Ayeyarwaddy rivier.

One of Myanmar's landmarks is situated between one of the most historic rivers of the Ayeyarwaddy. It is the centre of Myanmar's people. Mandalay is closer to Bagan and also to the centre of the land itself, so that you can find different customs and different civilizations in the town itself, so every visitor should always go to Mandalay when visiting Myanmar, not only for visiting purposes, but also to see and experience different civilizations and customs of Myanmar in one place.

Myanmar's most important buddhistic landmark is a holy place for the Myanmari. It is the third most important place of Buddhism in Burma. Because of the Buddha civilization and faith, most Buddhists offer the light of the candle and some meditations and the Buddha sacrifices last allight.

One of the most beautiful places in Myanmar is the most beautiful one. Ngapali is undoubtedly the ideal place for those who want to experience the beauties of the planet in a place where all nature and naval creatures like to live.

One of the highlights of Myanmar's Shan Hills in Myanmar is a fresh water pond with a number of towns against the mist. One of Myanmar's most important touristic sites is this huge, scenic waterfall, 900 metres above sealevel. One of the things that the visitor finds in Bele is that the fisherman tends to paddle his feet, and it is also part of the Inle traditions themselves.

There are other important landscapes that can be expected in the Inle Sea, such as swimming tomato plantations around the sea, flower orchards rooted in the sea floor with canes. The friendly nature of the locals and their unparalleled everyday pursuits provide a little more variety for the visitor so that they can take a leisurely ride along the shore of the lagoon.

The Burma trip will be the most memorable of your lives if you are looking for colorful architectural colonies, innumerable churches, breathtaking scenery and local people to welcome you with open arms. Come and see for yourself! Myanmar, one of the most pious Buddhist countries in the whole wide globe, will welcome you with it' s rich culture, religion and history, captivating mountain peoples and breathtaking scenery from hills to ponds and an unspoilt coast.

In addition, the land has opened its gates to the public, who will discover a mixture of English settlement and magic shrines, Stupa and Pagoda. These six must see the emblems of Burma that will delight you all your Iife. One of the Himalayan's premier travel and adventures companies since 1992.

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