Burma Muslim Video

Myanmar Muslim Video

Burma may have killed "thousands" of Rohingya Muslims. Rohingya Muslim mother from the village of Tulatuli explains how her daughter and niece were raped and thrown into the fire. One Burmese Muslim teacher tells of the horror she saw. An exclusive video message from Burma Muslim Mujahid. I' ve seen a video of monks with a gun Voilence is committing.

Muslims from Rohingya fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh

About 1,000 Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar who were fired upon by Myanmar troops invaded Bangladesh on Monday. This follows the violent attack on Myanmar's west Rakhine state last weekend by Rohingya insurgent policemen. The Rohingya minority's defenders and defenders of the right to freedom say that the military took revenge by burned down towns, killing populations and driving away people.

Not a comment from european most viewed television station europe.

The right-wing groups say all Muslims in Burma, who are confronted with increasing harassment in the midst of the'Rohingyas carnage'.

"Adopting a democratic approach has enabled the people' s preconceptions to exert pressure on how the new administration is governed and has reinforced a perilous tale that raises Muslims as an extraterrestrial present in Buddhist Burma's majority," the group said in a comment. It is based on more than 350 surveys in more than 46 cities and communities over an eight-month time span since March 2016.

The Burmese administration did not respond immediately to the newsreel. Bureaucracies are denying discriminations and say that the Rakhine police are conducting a lawful anti-terrorist lobby. Many Muslims of all ethnic groups were denied the right to obtain identity papers, while in some places Muslim places of worship were denied them.

Twenty-one Burmese communities have become "no-go zones" for Muslims supported by the state. Since August 25, when Rohingya rebels raided a military basis and several dozen policemen, ten thousand Rohingya escaped to neighboring Bangladesh. Burma's 1.1 million or so Rohingya is the greatest challenges for Burmese de facto leaders Aung San Suu Kyi, who has not done enough to save the Muslim community from prosecution, according to criticism.

Moslem wives and kids murdered, violated and burnt in Myan

Eye-witness graphical images of Rohingya Muslims supposedly murdered while escaping state control in Myanmar's north Rakhine state. There are a number of video clips showing burnt towns and corpses of old ladies and young men supposedly murdered by Myanmar's military force. "It' s all burnt to ashes," an eye witness said to Human Rights Watch (HRW), and added that police officers were shooting and killing soldiers as they ran away.

The HRW reported that wide-spread incendiary assaults in Rakhine are similar to the extent of earlier state violent campaigning in 2012 and 2016. Twelve small kids and four older women, all deceased, are put on the floor in an ultra-vivid YouTube video. The Myanmar state press denied accusations of military horror and reported that civil people were told to escape a flood of incendiary attack throughout the state.

In February, a UN HRAC reported that there was proof of widespread violations of humanitarian law by Myanmar's military force, which included extra-judicial killings, rapes, torture and" inhumane" punishments. "Approximately ten per cent of the world's stateless are living in Myanmar," the reporter says.

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