Burma Muslim Population 2016

Myanmar Muslim population 2016

Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar: Philadelphia 312 October 16, 2016, 09:48 AM. It is a poor province and it is under impossible pressure from the mainly Muslim population expansion. Ie Mon and Pyae Thet Phyo, 22 Jul 2016. How was it calculated that the Muslim population was counted as 4. 3pc of the whole country?

Myanmar's 2015 election: And the Rohingya? Asia

And the Rohingya? Rohingya are often referred to as the most oppressed group in the underworld. It is an ethnical Muslim group in a predominantly buddhistic land and makes up about one million of the 50 million inhabitants. Nearly all of them are living in Rakhine, one of the impoverished states with three million inhabitants.

Some 140,000 Rohingya in the state of Rakhine are living in ghetto-like encampments, which they cannot abandon without official approval. In order to obtain nationality, they must demonstrate that they have been living in Myanmar for 60 years, but the red tape is often not available or is withheld. Not being able to choose and even if they leap through the naturalization test strips, unlike Rohingya they have to be identified as "naturalized", and they are limited to certain occupations such as medical, legal or inauguration.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, regards its Rohingya population as irregular Bangladeshans. As Myanmar's President Thein Sein has been commended for his comprehensive reform since taking up his post in 2011, the relief of the Rohingya relief effort is far from high on his day. He called on the UN to move the Rohingya to other nations in October 2012 and said: "We will look after our own racial nationality, but Rohingya who have come to Burma unlawfully are not our racial nationality, and we cannot tolerate them here.

" Rakhine Buddhists see themselves as an independent breed, separated from most of Burma. The Rohingya are called "Bengalis" and they also regard them as migrants, even those whose ancestors established themselves in the land generation ago. In recent years more and more Rohingya have tried to escape from the land without tolerating the further aggravation.

The UNHCR has estimated since 2012 that more than 110,000 persons, especially Rohingya, have set out on weak vessels in places such as Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia. During the first three moths of 2015, the number of fugitives or "boat people", as they were jointly called, increased from one year to 25,000.

From Bangladesh they try to get into higher-income and better-treated nations - although there are still violations of people' s right in the form of abuse and harassment in South East Asia. About 15 Rohingya contestants were excluded from the Myanmar election in August this year because their families were births abroad.

At the beginning of this year, the German federal administration withdrew the right to elect some 700,000 persons, in particular Rohingya, when it decided that the owners of "white cards" were not eligible to elect. Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the NLD (National League for Democracy), has been fighting for Myanmar's democratic and reformist policies for many years. However, it has been reported that none of the 1,151 NLD nominees in local and country election are Muslims.

So far she has been painful and reserved in her approach to the subject of Rohingya. Briefly, standing up for the Rohingya in Myanmar would probably be seen as against the Buddhaist minority and therefore be seen as a risky one.

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