Burma Muslim Population 2014

Myanmar Muslim population 2014

Southeast Asia has a Muslim population. MANARIYAH February 3, 2014, 4:48 PM. Burmese Buddhists killed more than 40 Muslims. Demographic growth rate, 0.91% (2017 est.

) Birth rate, 18. 9%, Christian 6. 2%, Muslim 4.

Myanmar's Muslim minority's plight: No one talks about the holocaust.

Rohingya Muslims are the most oppressed group in the underworld. In the midst of the hurricane of other newscasts, the pursuit in Myanmar fades into the background. So who are these pursued humans? What exactly is this minorities being aimed at, what is being done with them, and what is being done to help?

The Rohingya Muslims? What are the Rohingya being pursued for? While many Rohingya began to migrate from present-day Bangladesh in the latter part of the eighteenth century, Britain in 1826 captured the part of Myanmar where most Rohingya Muslims today are. The British take-over of the state of Arakan promoted the massive immigration of Bengali Muslims, who became workers and stewards in the recently founded city.

It is not hard to see why, in 1948, after Burma achieved independence from Britain, the regime tried to alleviate the misery of its expelled Tibetan population. Nouvelles Muslims were brought up in the land, and so they tried to declaring their own autonomy in reaction to atrocity.

In 1961, tension with the Rohingya regime again increased as they tried and were put down again in secondession. The recent upheavals and a historic story that blame the Rohingya and not the UK Colonies have unfortunately led to a deadly amount of Islamophobia.

Myanmar changed from a country with a army june to a democratic state in 2010, but during this time the Muslim majority of the population was confronted with an unparalleled level of force. A self-proclaimed "969 movement" was formed by the new regime under the leadership of a Buddhist friar called Wirathu (969 are numbers referring to Buddha attributes).

Erathu had been arrested by the reigning militar yunta for violent acts against Muslims. It is backed by today's top leaders of the administration, among them former General Lt. General of the Armed Forces and present Secretary of Religion, Sann Sint, and other Buddhist friars and members of the National League for Democracy (NLD), the Nobel Prize -winning Nobel Lion Aung San Suu Kyi.

In 969, she believed in the "moral excuse.... of anti-Muslim bloodshed" and encouraged the boycott of Muslim companies; she also rejects inter-religious marriage and regards mosques as " hostile grounds ". By 2015, Myo Win, a member of the Burmese Muslim Association, had likened 969 to the KKK and was arguing that the group is supported by the state.

In spite of many fatal assaults on Rohingya Muslims by 969, the present administration and Suu Kyi have denied themselves recognition of what Desmond Tutu has called "the gradual genocide". Suu Kyi appeared angry in an interviewer with Today's Mishal Husain over recurring issues about Human Rights Watch accounts that identify Arakan's 969 Buddhist movement as the cause of the systemic harassment and ethnical cleansing of Muslims.

Aung San Suu Kyi rejected the opportunity to extend state assistance to the affected Muslim population and tried to alter the issue, pointing instead to the need to provide safety and stabilization for all - not unlike in the United States. Suu Kyi was apprehended at the mic after the sudden end of the conversation and said: "No one said I would be interrogated by a Muslim.

Their statements have shock led many and raised issues about their real engagement for peace and democracies in Myanmar. However, her researcher Peter Popham quickly pointed out that Suu Kyi had a Muslim friend from Pakistan during her studies at Oxford and that she was motivated by a Muslim reporter called Maung Thaw Ka to join the fight for Burma's democratization.

However, as the destiny of the Rohingya Muslims is at stake, some important issues still need to be addressed. A number of reforms have been made under Suu Kyi's NLD-led administration, but some 1.2 million Rohingya have stayed internal and are still refused fundamental liberties and righthold. In 969, the rulers of the violence group are continuing their pogrom-like assaults against the Rohingya with unpunished punishment.

Foment hatred and force against the Muslim minorities by inventing and persuading Muslim drugs traffickers who are taking drugs from young Buddhists to raise weapons against the state. Such is the bold Islam-hostile idiom of 969 that the November 2015 Daily Show - "The Myanmar Daily Show with Trevor Noah" - contained an interviewee with Wirathu in which he compared Muslims to "Mad Dogs" and answered the question whether Muslims had a place in the land coldly: "Muslims were in Burma[the leaching meaning].

Aung San Suu Kyi's administration must recognise Rohingya as a citizen with full and equal-right. Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are not to blame for the immigration policy of 19 th cent. co. britannia. Antimuslim feelings and force are no less offences than anti-Semitism or other types of racialism. There is no justification for persecution, hate, threats, force against, occupying, detaining, ethnic purge or indigenous Muslim people in Myanmar or elsewhere in the rest of the word for the presence of despicable, monumental organisations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda that are claiming Muslim identities or have some kind of Muslim licence to legitimise their abominable acts.

The Muslim life is also the life of a person. Islamicophobia ends because it does not distinguish between the actions of a few hundred thousand terrorist groups and the 1.6 billion Muslims in the rest of the rest of the world who live peacefully, normally, and who are just as tired of terror, if not as tired as everyone else.

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