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Seeking that yielded many results: You can contact our job specialist to find a Kayin position and fill out your CV. The Shwebook Dictionary Pro is the first application to translate from Burmese into English and Myanmar. Useful information about logistics and a video about their experiences. The Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort, Lake Inle:

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Reference/Subject:About: CommageMedia is a non-profit organization for digital and digital communication, digital signage, multimedia, technology and cultural events. CommageMedia uses the strength of CCTV, the web and open source solutions to bring about changes in society and the environment. CommageMedia works with filmmakers, writers, journalists, strategists, fighters and community groups to engage a broader audience in tales of societal changes, to engage in community debate and to get individuals to act.

By demystifying and delivering effective usage policies for videoconferencing and engaging technology, connecting videographers and videactivists with distributed and public members, and building partner networking platforms of digital artists, technology professionals and campaign participants. EngageMedia has branches in Indonesia and Australia, as well as members of teams in Singapore, Myanmar, the USA and the Philippines.

Sources/Publishing House: EngageMedia Source/Publishing House: The Irawaddy Description/Topic:".... Burma Democratic Concern feels that the answer to Burma's crises is the restoration of Burma's democratic and constitution. The Burma Democratic Concern begins a thriving Burmese democratic process, where everyone can have the liberty of speaking, the media, the faith, the meeting and the constitutional state, which emphasises the defence of individuals' rights...."

Descriptive/Topic: "Some rare insights into the horror the Burmese army has caused under the command of the Malicious State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), the Burmese government's dictator. Descriptive/Topic:Several hundred results of a video quest about Burma, although some of them have very little to do with the state.

Describtion/Topic: "Welcome to DVB's You YouTube website. You can find here web-releases of our everyday Burma related films, commentaries and documentaries. The programs are in Myanmar. A nonprofit Myanmar based journalistic organisation, The DDR is dedicated to the cause of good governance........ It is our task to give precise and impartial information to the Myanmar population, to foster mutual respect and co-operation between Burma's various communities, to foster and support the development of the country's sovereign national identity, to facilitate local community and civic debates, and to communicate the principles of Burma's democratization and respect for its citizens?

Because of length and file sizes limitations of the You Tube uploaded videofiles, we usually have to split our programs into several parts. We therefore recommend that you watch the programs using the PLAYLISTS." Cover /description:Google-Videosearch results for "Burma" Language:English, abstract / subject:Mixed Bag of sites with links to Burma-related videos. Please click here.

Descriptive/Topic:85,200 results for Burma, 82,000 for Burma OR Myanmar, 66,000 for Myanmar, 48,500 for Burmese (February 2012)...53,500 results for "Burma OR Myanmar" (December 2009) (30,000 in January 2009). You can use the multi-term query, which includes the date. Searching that yielded many results: Descriptive/Topic:1,733 Index results for "Burma" (January 2012 ), some for more than an hour, includes "Burma Soldier".

In 1280 for Myanmar. They were not all specific to Burma, but those covering a broad range of topics - Burma World War II Theatre film material, Burma breakdance, touristic travelogues, the Burma Army, relief work, Karen people? Descriptive/Topic: "Inhuman handling for Rohingya boatmen is heartbreaking. Press releases - text and videos.

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