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Share your latest Myanmar movies and photos of Myanmar celebrities. Search Shwe Lu Maung on Google or OnYoutube. Burmese immigrants fleeing their country's civil war in search of a new life in Thailand. The list of films, television or video is incomplete; you can help by adding reliable additions.

" You can watch movies there.

Burmesian classical day films

Myanmar bilingual..... Myanmar name lacks the generic structures of most contemporary name. Myanmar numbers (Burmese: ???????????, [mjà?mà ?a?ná?]) are a series of numbers that have been used in the traditional way in the Myanmar dialect, although they are also made up of Arabian script. Only Htar WaYa A.... Nay Toe (Burmese: ?????? ....

In 2001 he played in a 3 Wochen which was his first feature length work. And Yingluck got 0.68 per cent of Shin Corp stock from the 46.87 per cent...

Attempting to name a face of evil in Myanmar

"A cute Ellen Page, the Juno Stars, holds up the words on a paper board in a 90-second embassy of respect for mankind that has been on video-sharing websites since last weeks. It is one of 30 for the U.S. Campaign for Burma with prominent people like Will Ferrell and Jennifer Aniston.

They' re redistributed on Fanista.com, a consumer online network and entertaining retailer site, and then shared with websites like YouTube and Google Video every single working days for the next few months. It is the campaign's aim to bring the cause of Burma's citizenship - now known as Myanmar - into circulation with Tibet and Darfur on the A-list of campaigners and to promote global pressures on a regime that is, according to campaigners, one of the most repressive in the underworld.

In order to achieve this, the Burma marketing strategy has chosen to use some of the same branding tactics - simplistic stories, clear images and of course the meticulously chosen celebrity - that are also used by other effective relief organizations or even vendors of consumables. "As a result of the web's ability to build micro-communities, there is now much more than ever before.

However, the US campaign for Burma will not be satisfied with Myanmar remaining a micro-cause. One of the group's founders, Jeremy Woodrum, thinks Myanmar is at the top of the agenda in a troubled time. It says that the army has recruited most children soldier in the whole wide globe and wiped out twice as many settlements as the Sudanese in Darfur.

It is hoped that prominent people can help increase awareness of the Burma appeal to the Burmese people. However, the effectiveness of the ad campaigns may not so much hinge on Hollywood as on whether it can clearly communicate the complexity of Myanmar's cohesive state. Since 1992, the administration, headed by Senior General Than Shwe, strictly monitors the media and admissions are rare.

So, the campain tries to help this by reiterating its name in almost every place. Some of them are to earn money for the Burma charity project. Tens of per cent of all purchases - CD, video game and DVD - from individuals who register for the Fanista promotion for Burma are going to the point, said Mr. Adler.

Usually, the bigger point of this is to use the web to cause submission within the land sealed," Mr Woodrum said.

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