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Myanmar superstar kitchen staff Sue Bay Area chain about wage injuries

Myanmar Superstar's Tealeaf lettuce - one of the Burma food that has made the food group known. Present and former Burma Superstar workers lodged a complaint against the Bay Area food service provider on Thursday alleging that they did not pay their chefs well. Lawyers from the Asia Law Caucus, the Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center and the Centro Legal de la Raza brought the suit on account of 100 members of the team.

Burma Superstar did not provide many of them with the minimal wages and refused them extra hours, break time and sicknesses. "Burmese superstar chefs are working very harder to make the restaurant so successful," said William Navarrete, a former dish washer, chef and chef at Burmese superstar.

Claimants are seeking putative collective redress for their claim in the Alameda County Higher Regional Court. "Back of the home worker is too often invisible and forgotten," said Carole Vigne, a lawyer and head of the LAS ELC wage protection program. "to the hard-working chefs who support tens of millions every week."

In June, a Restaurant Opportunities Center survey revealed that the Bay Area restaurant has the biggest racial wage differential in the state. Much of this concerns the wage differential between front-of-house and back-of-house workers, as only full-time workers usually get a tip - a problem that has a disproportionate effect on coloured workers, as they tend to work in the canteen.

Myanmar superstar has sites in Alameda, Oakland and San Francisco. Last March, the company announces its intention to open a new location in the Mid-Market district. Burma Superstar executives could not be contacted.

The Myanmar earthquake: A corpse and temple damages

The 6.8 strength seismic attack on the pagoda in the antique town of Bagan damaged it and killed at least one people. Video on Bagan's public service shows dusty pagoda peaks and some of the pagoda's tips crumble during the seism. It is an important touristic attraction with many thousand Buddhistic sites.

A number of damage has been reported to other parts of the countryside, as well as to the Naypyidaw parliamentary premises. Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town, the Thai capitol Bangkok and Kolkata in India, where the subway was shut down for a while, were shaken by high rise structures. In the Bangladesh capitol Dhaka, at least 20 persons were wounded when they escaped from a house, according to stories in the area' s newspapers.

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