Burma Movie full 2016

Myanmar movie full 2016

16. May 2016, 01. 21 PM ISTCritic's rating: Home; Last released film; Total 6808 films.

Please see complete technical data ". From Yu Mon Kyaw February 17, 2016. An ex-employee suing Burma superstar:'It Was Complete Madness'.

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SYROSOPSIS: Guna is the superstar in the auto theft scene, but his badge is on the retreat with the arrival of Burma, a new thief. As Bothra Seth, a loanshark and gangster, goes to Burma to help him confiscate 27 vehicles, Guna is planning to hit the risenstart at his own play.

Film review: Burma has had its own Burmese flair right from the start, and debutante Dharanidharan immediately realizes that he is not after another comedy. There' s Burma, a young car thief who threatens Guna, who believes he is at the forefront of the game. Myanmar gets a'mission' to take 27 of Bothra Seth's vehicles and the clever Guna chooses that it is a good opportunity for him to give the risen man a scare.

Each of these personalities cross and lead to a mess that makes Burma face a challenge to run against the clock to rescue his beloved Kalpana. There' s much to like in Burma, which indulges in the peculiarities of its personalities and circumstances. They like to wear eye-catching florally imprinted jackets, some of them are called Bruce Lee and Jet Li, movies like Jurassic Park (water in a cup curls, while Bothra Seth beats a pointless one in the next room),

The Kurudhipunal (Burma's calling melody is based on Kamal's Veeram-na innna teriyuma Dialog from the film), and Pudhiya Paravai (whose sequences are interrupted by a sequence that includes filming), while the track that is playing on the air when Burma is deceiving Gundu Onnu Vechurukken from Arangetra Velai. There' s also intelligently scripted footage - the one where all the plot lines come together, the one where Burma is stealing the twenty-seventh automobile (which also has a connection to Aalavandhan) and the one where Burma and Boomer (his boyfriend and criminal partner) outsmart the band of thieves.

There is a Burmese scenario where Burma says that the dog will be barking at high-flying Guna related aircraft, and at a later point in Guna turns differently from that line and says that even maps that go high must at some point hit the floor. Eventually, the way Burma is built by Guna and Bothra Seth reflects what he did to them in the past.

One wonders how Kalpana, a sophisticated young woman, could fell for a lowly thug like Burma, but then one sees her go with him when he does his'job' and is an accessory - maybe she gets a kick out of his way of living and that could have led to an allure.

It' s also a little too slippery (everything, as well as the garage and hotel and Burma's home looks nice as in TV commercials), and you wish there was some sand and filth in the frame. All the part about Boomer who finds the money and Easter eggs in the vehicle while he and Burma try to outsmart the bandits is somewhat unconvincing.

Wondering how Boomer could transfer most of the money to another pocket (how did he get to have a pocket is another question), we fill the initial pocket with something else in a two-minute twowindow. Guna's hiding place is too comfortable, and we have our doubts that Burma would take on Bothra Seth, who seems to be an incredibly powerful man (he says the inspector is his principal in his induction scene).

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