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Burmese movie script make your brain fresh and see one more time. American train parachutes to Burma to take out a strategic Japanese outpost. Thescreen;'Objective, Burma', a realistic and excitingly told war film with Errol Flynn, opens at Strand Theatre Here. Learn why you can watch Myanmar Movies, videos on Myanmar Movie Channel.

It' obvious you've all tried a lot for this movie.

Burma: Fierce rampage in the darkness

Myanmar is hitting the floor. Let us take the early sequence in which Sampath Raj is discharged from Puzhal jail. Gabriel stands out behind the gates. In Burma it's a string of auto theft ( "seizure" is the film's preferred term), and it's a great drive. Burma (Michael Thangadurai) sits in the driver's chair, who gets into serious difficulties when he drives away with a Benz and comes into conflict with Bothra Seth (Atul Kulkarni).

A mysterious man travelling by car taking photos, a violin-playing mobster, two lowly thugs named Bruce Lee and Jet Li (who quarrel over the name of the protagonist of the half-porn movie Khajuraho Ilavarasi) and a cosmetician who is really a burglar and offers something like a Fabergé Eastery.

There is Boomer (the award-winning Karthik Sabesh as Burma's friend and accomplice) and Kalpana (Reshmi Menon), Burma's happy and immoral friend, who also becomes his criminal mate. After an escape, the piece of spaghetti in our hands is just one of the many other things that the movie keeps citing.

Myanmar is an exquisite country. Another one, where we're talking about a few conversations, we're constantly waving between shared-videos. When this movie finds half the audiences like Jigarthanda did - with the extensive carpeting, the indulgence in popular art and the lively nod to making movies in the West - then we will discuss why Burma's ringtone is tuned to a Kamal-Haasan line of Kurudhipunal,

So many of the tracks you hear in the backgrounds come from movies about criminality (Shree 420, Arangetra Velai, Don), and why a pivotal sequence is edited together with a pivotal Pudhiya Paravai one. There is so much attitudes, atmospheres, tastes and ironic comedies in Burma that I've loved to forgive the little sin (the movie is a bit too artistic; Burma's patio area is designed in the style of Shabby-chic, which has room for lanterns) and its big one - the storyline makes a diversion into a race-against-time thriller, and there really isn't too much nervous.

It' the kind of movie that insulates a person by killing them in bright fluorescent light, and elsewhere between a lip lock and a coke sip. It was a great experience to hear Burma's first name in a truly romantical time. Imagine how Bothra Seth is presented - his power makes the waters in a wave of crystal, like in the T.rex in Jurassic Park.

and airplanes in the skies. He made me gurgle. Most of all, I liked the last sequence - a great turn we never get because we insisted on being happy.

I was so set on Burma that I almost forgotten it wasn't worth it.

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