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Hear this song from a Tamil film Burma. Burmese Hollywood portrayals paint the country as an exotic, cruel country that serves as a backdrop for adventurous adventurers and patriots. Type in your location to see which cinemas play Objective, Burma! near you. ""A must for anyone who wants to understand Burma today.

They used the colors mentioned above in the year the film was released.

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When you start seeing Burma, you can't help cheering on the movie with its interesting character, a sound storyline and a gravelly side storyline. Dharanidharan's Burma may persuade you that it's a good thriller but you just wish the movie could have been better. This is mainly because the individual components of the movie are not binding.

Burma, however, only partly succeeds in convincing us. It is a movie full of good humour, an interesting tale could have been a bit more likeable. Maybe the moviemaker could have created his protagonists with more deep. He was a mirror image of the movie, Goa. together with a good backing part is definitely the climax of this otherwise frustrating movie.

What makes you think you'd want to see this movie? View this movie for an interesting plot with good backdrop music by Sudharshan M. Kumar. It has an inventive history, but the way it is communicated is sudden.

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Accompanying the adventures of Robin Hood, Dodge City, Gentleman Jim and other canvas yarn with youthful bravery, Errol Flynn shows a ripe, celebrated achievement as commander of a paratroopers' troop that ran aground in Burma. "It' one of the best movies of World Wars II made during the war," says The Movie Guide.

"and one of the fiercest." Rooul Walsh leads the tough operation filmed in harsh California areas so similar to Burma that the vets of the camp refuse to believe that the crews had somehow crept into Asia.

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