Burma Miramar

Myanmar Miramar

Short and heavy knife from Miramar (Burma). I' m meeting travelers who have ventured to Burma, now xx. The EU supports the people affected by the floods in Myanmar/Burma and Bangladesh. The Burma Bridge consists of three parallel ropes arranged triangularly at one height. Myanmar Bridge in Goa, Goa is one of the most amazing and best outdoor adventure activities for adults who can perform, play or ride a horse.

Morocco, Burma and Asia

Shan, Myanmar, Burma, The world is full of your production o God! Burma (by FO Travel). Discover why Myanmar is the hotdest place I can go to in 2015 with my new travel book! One young woman from Padaung Mountain Tríbe à la long ník, a subgroup of the Karen Mountain Tríbe, near Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, is staring intensively into the film.

Padaung are refugee from Burma who escaped to Thailand to avoid prosecution.

Does Facebook play a role in Myanmar's Rohingya holocaust? - quartz crystal

Now Facebook, initially a student networking site, connects one in four of them. However, today, in Myanmar, Facebook is contributing to the fomentation of the Rohingya massacre. On the basis of our research in Myanmar and Cuba, we have argued that using the web in Myanmar is hazardous. The unrestrained link to Facebook is what we call a "virtual compulsion", a powerful and powerful area.

The Cuban web paradigm can teach us how to deal with societal medias in the midst of chaotic politics. That' a load Facebook is now sharing. Myanmar had 130,000 severely limited web surfers in 2010. Over seven years, the price of more than $3,000 for mobile phone cards has fallen to $1. The goverment has also eased the law of censure, which has allowed Facebook to draw 30 million people in.

Most of them see Facebook as the web. Together with the ultra-nationalist Ashin Wirathu a number of Facebook pages disseminated hatred speeches. The Myanmar military's interests are served by this covenant. This kind of propoganda in this cyber compulsion of anti-Rohingya-propoganda captures the ill-informed. Many people see the erroneous information on Facebook as justifying what the United Nations has called a book of textbooks on racial cleanup.

People in Myanmar now have unrestricted Wi-Fi connectivity on their mobiles. However, this open information pipelines strengthens Facebook's shadowy side of self-affirmation with restricted prospects. Facebook makes it possible today, just as it did in the 90s when it triggered the Myanmar massacre. Facebook's online compulsion consists of divisions, competitive reality and a general apathy.

With Facebook's online compulsion, fantasy is real and lying can be confirmed. In view of this, we are arguing that the continued use of Facebook in Myanmar is too dangerous to overlook. That' missing in Myanmar. And Cuba could be an important example in this debate. In Cuba, the type of use of the Net has not resulted in abuse of compulsion or division.

There are no demonstrations by other parts of the globe in Cuba. In Cuba, the web is, in simple terms, costly. To spend $3 for an hours WiFi in web parklands is about 10% of a Cuban's income per month. There is only a short amount of free web access, but Facebook's band width blocking mass makes it infamous in Cuba.

Cuba' s ability to control its web site activity is finite and the Cuban authorities are concerned about rampant intrusion. So Facebook is not accessible during working time in most Cuban goverment and academic environments. Relying on Facebook for updates and connectivity is a deterrent. By face-to-face interaction, this break the need for cyberspace.

Its inadequacies are evident, as it provides a bar to information. Is unrestricted Facebook sharing really a free expression column when the plattform can be used to eliminate an whole people? It' s the right moment to break away from the constraints of the internet and get involved in the world.

Perhaps in this way the obscure side of Facebook can be kept in check, while at the same time it serves the initial goal of uniting human beings and enrichening life, not to destroy it.

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