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BURMA definition in slang/internet slang. BURMA - what does it stand for? The English Urdu dictionary gives you the best and most accurate Urdu meanings of Burma. Burma's origin and meaning: from the Burmese people's self-denomination; see Myanmar.

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in Burma, now known as Myanmar. Myanmar: A Myanmar citizen is a Myanmar citizen who comes from Myanmar.: Myanmar citizen is the primary foreign tongue of the Myanmar residents.


Consequently, Burma has been welcome back into the world. Though Burma is hot during the daytime, the temperatures drop drastically at nights. He had started working with Karen people in Thailand when one evening he chose to go to Burma itself. The first free election in Burma in 30 years took place in May 1990.

Rwanda, Darfur, Pakistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Burma, Haiti, Kashmir, even New Orleans. The mine is located far in northern Burma, almost on the China side of the country. You' d be committing a suicide in Burma, and no one would stop you. I think kids in Burma have a very good age when they're young.

Descent in Burma has never gone to a kind of enslavement. When you ask a Burman: "What is the situation of Burma's women" from the self-description of the Myanmar tribe; see Myanmar. Burman. It then became an autonomous country under UK oversight until 1948, and intensive campaigning by Japans for Burma Road, an important service connection between China and India.

Burma was ruled by the army in the 1970' and 1980' and experienced an economic downfall. Unrestricted Election in 1990 was won by the most important opponent political group, but the army regime declined to give up its authority.

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Coming from Burma ??? (ba.ma), slang version of ?????? (mranma); see Myanmar for more. Myanmar; a south-east Asian nation on the western shore of the Indochina peninsula. Myanmar is a long-established name and was the legal name until 1989. Look at Burma's names on Wikipedia. Coming from Burma ?? (ba.ma), slang version of ?????? (mranma).

By Burmese ??? (ba.ma), slang version of ????? (mranma). possible mutant version of each term actually recur. "Burma " in New English-Irish Dictionary by Toras na Gaeilge. Posts with "Burma" in the English-Irish dictionary, An Gúm, 1959, by Tomás de Bhaldraithe. Coming from Burma ? (ba.ma), slang version of ?????? (mranma). Coming from Burma ?? (ba.ma), slang version of ?????? (mranma).

Coming from Burma ? (ba.ma), slang version of ?????? (mranma). Coming from Burma ?? (ba.ma), slang version of ?????? (mranma). Comes from Burma, Spain ("Burma"). Finally from Burma ? (ba.ma /b?mà/), slang version of ?????? (mranma /mjà?mà/).

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